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Saint No.52

MEDIUM: Oil paints on a canvas that is around 28" x 22".

MODEL: The other painting of Rikaco. You know, the girl from the little spackle picture. A handsome lass, is she not?

NOTES: If you look on the far easel on my gay-assed Desktop Picture you can get a blurry eyeful of this thing at an earlier stage. Not that far away from this one. But you can see that I hadn't yet started to join the tones of the background to the figure in the foreground. I adjust that relationship till the last stage of the painting process.

Has that thick texture that the other painting I posted has. But this is a bit more of an "image friendly" photograph. If you look at the bottom of this photo (this is a photo of my painting, NOT the painting. That's why I call this a "photo") you can see where the flash has bounced off the texture on her tummy. (I said tummy. Is that effeminate? Should I have said "torso"? Okay, even if "tummy" is kinda fey, I could have said "belly"... And that is inarguably kinda girly.) There are a few strange camera flash artifacts on this photo, like on the neck and the tummy (I mean torso), etc... And depending on you monitor, this photo may be slightly more red than the actual painting.
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amaizing work congrats!!
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I really like the detail and shading on the face. very nice.
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great work. 9.9999999\10 )
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Looking at these again, this is one of my favorites. So beautiful.
Holy crap, I had no idea you were a competent, Nay, talented painter. I mean wow. You're really good.
I really had no idea you were this good. But, she kinda looks like Boomer from BSG.
I love the way you capture emotion win the faces of your subjects. She looks thoughtful but also a little sad.
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what kind of paint do you use?
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wow iove this good job
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I aspire to be like you. :P Your paintings remind me quite a lot of Rembrant's work. I'm guessing you took a lot from him.

You always work from a live model, do you not?
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very nice gallery my friend
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a very lovely piece! :)
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This is mesmerizing.
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Beautiful and full of emotions :love:
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Love the warmth, emotion and realism of your work... especially here. Would you consider joining the painted-ladies group and adding your works there (don't worry about limits for now)?

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I'm pretty bad at commenting (as in, people usually don't get what I'm saying) but I just had to say something about this because it's gorgeous, and it kept me looking for a really long time. I love how warm it is and how much depth there is and the little highlights. It's very layered and there's a lot to it and it's just really nice.

Sorry if you said it elsewhere, but how long do these normally take you? And if it's a long process, how do you keep yourself motivated to finish? A lot of the time I find it really hard to stay with something for a few weeks so any advice on that would be amazing if you have any to offer.

Thanks. (:

Also post more paintings soon, derp derp.
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TIME: About two months. Usually with 16 hour days.
MOTIVATION: Trying to make the painting not suck. I have motivation innately. I paint. It's not a task or chore.
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Oh wow, that's incredibly long. Do you have the model sit each time then, or just the first few days and then use photos from then on?
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I know I don't comment often, but your work is very inspiring. I especially love your use of light in making such rich and lively yet sombre portraits.
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It's crazy to look at the date of this submission and realize that you haven't uploaded any paintings in three years now.

How much time do you spend painting these days? I understand VB and your band must already take so much of your time, so I'm just curious how, if at all, you fit painting into your time.

Also, how old were you when you started painting seriously? I'm already 22 and have only been painting for about 7 months and feel like I'm getting such a late start. I've been comedy writing and doing basic flash animation since I was about 13, but it's hard not to feel so far behind or "late to the party".

I hope to see you guys at comic-con. I'll be the guy with a pacman tattoo who looks surprisingly like a jock. I promise not to put on a Letterman jacket and shove you into a locker though.
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Silly man. You're still saying "Gay-assed" like you're a cool kid from ATL. I love how our little southern colloquialisms like that seem so fantastic to you yankee fellas.

Moving on...I can't get over the look on her face. Not only can I not get over it, I can't quite interpret it. The emotion is incredibly raw and evident but almost impossible to put a finger on. That makes this really excellent. Beautifully captured indeed.
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Sorry, but "gay-assed" is a colloquialism of childhood, it's hardly regional. I've heard it my whole life and I live in the North East. It's like "retarded". A completely offensive slur against a group of people when looked at by an adult with an agenda, but to children... It has very little to do with homosexuality or mental retardation. It's an appropriation of a taboo... Just a bad, therefore exciting thing to say for a kid. The excitement of a taboo generates emphasis on its negative aspect. Like: "Water the plant that I loath because it refuses to grow in the desired fashion" can more easily executed as: "Water that fucking plant." The plant in question is not copulating with another plant. "Fucking" is used to add emphasis on its negative aspect... MAN! I'm off topic... I just got all into bad-words... Anyway, "gay-assed" was not used as a nod to the homophobia of the South from an adoring Yankee...
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