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Saint No.49

Oil on Canvas, 28.5" x 22"

Last one I feel like posting from the show I had up in October. And yes, it's blurry as all get-out. I didn't take this photo so I can't really get up the steam necessary to properly complain about it. I know that people like to ask for a "full view please". But you would do well to keep looking at the small one. The big one really shows off the fine out of focus quality I NEVER want.

I think it's No.49. I lost count a while back. Whatever, honestly... Like it matters. The sitter's name is Buick. Like the car. And she assures me that it is a name that her parents gave her. Great name, but it does not end there. She is also an amazing person. Clothing designer I believe. Sitters like her make my job slightly less horific.

I like the painting, but I am too puddle-panted (Made that one up just now. Not sure of its definition) from the gallery show and Venture Brothers stuff to get into any of the specifics.

Hey, guess what... I haven't painted in like a week. Ask me if that is something that I am happy about. Don't bother, I'll just tell ya. No. I wish I was painting. But second season is calling, and I must answer that call. Can't just take a message. No sir! Gotta tippy-type the hot (to moderately) funny.
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I come here to see beautiful art and I pull a god damn Rusty Venture! Sticking and poking the inside of my pants is a you know what!
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She rather resembles a Nordic princess, were it not for the fact that she is wearing a modern undergarment. I can almost see her with two thick flaxen braids, clutching herself against the cold of her silent white homeland. Or maybe someone laced my morning coffee with illegal psychedelics. Whatevs, still love this one.
Making comparisons in Art is cruel and reflects a lack of understanding of the process of producing Art.

I am feeling cruel today, and I don't know nuthiin'

John Singer Sarget.

Yeah, I went there.
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One day, I want to be able to paint as well as you do.
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fat over lean? or do you have a different techiuqe?
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No, that's pretty solid technique, and makes for a painting that dries with more stability.
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her blonde hair actually comes off as a 'color' from the putty-colored background, icy cool bra & matching eyes. I like these oasis-es of color (of course the painting is superb). She seems chilly. I hope you had a space heater for your model - lol.
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Her hands are beautiful.
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Brother im painter too im mexican!! i want to ask you if your woork is of the nature persons or by photo?
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Well, Mr. hammer, I've been trying to gather my thoughts on your Saints since I discovered your page a couple of months ago. Firstly, I have to say that anatomically, these women are beautful and lighting-wise, glorious. I even love the thickness of these works. Emotionally, though, I'm left a little cold by these ladies. I wish I had the reaction of some of these posters, but I have no compulsion to reach into my LCD screen and hug these women. I don't know if I just insulted you or not, but I just wanted to get that out there.
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I'm not insulted at all. Only confused by your compulsion to tell me you don't respond to my work. I'm sure there are many paintings out there that are "for you". You can safely check me off your list.
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No I certainly respond to your work, I just said I love your lighting and texture. There's a certain love in there that I can see, but I just feel a barrier between myself and these lovely ladies. It's probably the atmosphere around them that prevents me from answering my own questions about the Saints and their desolate expressions.
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Well, I'm not sure what you are getting at. There is an intentional distance there. I mean, they don't even make eye contact. They are intentionally distant, and disinterested in the viewer. You are a voyeur into their world. You are crashing their moment of pain. Look, it's really fine. I don't want to defend my girls. They aren't for everybody. But I'm glad you like them/don't like them.
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What a skin!!!!!
What an expression!!!!
What a mood!!!
Wow wow wow, amzing work, and an unbelievable result for such a size.
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I'd offer to sit but I'm in Canada *wrinkles nose* I've sat for others - we tend to cycle through in our painting class, we each sit one class, paint the rest. It works out nicely in the end - you really understand what the sitter goes through by the end of that class *smiles*
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Even with the blur, the emotion in this piece is fantabulous and the beauty of it is priceless.
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you're damn good. i'd really like to know if the aureole is there for only aesthetic considerations or it really has a concept?
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buisness women have secrets too. i found my second favorite.
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Meant the angle? They take like 2 months to paint. Trust me, I meant everything. Did I mean for you to think she is fucking? Not really. But I did want you to wonder on, and come to a conclusion of your own. Fucking is as good of a conclusion as any other.
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Wow, she looks really upset.
But thats good, its real.
I mean, not everything is sunshine and rainbows ya know.
Great painting, it is intense.
Very intense!
I love the hands.
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woooooooooooow, i don't beleave!
it's perfect :heart:
i love it :love:
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May I call you master??
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holy crap... those hands are amazing!
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