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Saint No.48

OIL ON CANVAS, 16" x 20":
Arcadia is pretty fucking generous with the framing. When they asked me what I wanted, I asked for the impossible. I was all "I see a gigantic gold frame. Carvings but no vines or shells or that kinda thing. Ya know, more pill and dart kinda shit. No coves, just steps. And it should be imposing. I want it to dwarf the painting. The bright luxury of the huge frame should make the painting darker and more untouchable. A big-assed stepped frame! Like an over designed Whistler... Ya know, shameless." I figured they would give me a signed reality check and we would have to compromise. WRONG! They just did it. AND they fucking agreed with me. Ya gotta go see this show... These frames are insane.

Her name was Sky. Lord knows if she renamed herself that, or if her parents came up with that one. Sky wasn't willing to comprehend the word "bra". After I sent a long email about the do's and don'ts of a bra, she showed up for the sitting in a wrap that was made of like silver metallic mesh. You would think that I have this huge pile of bras, in every color and every cut. I don't. And, frankly, it would be almost creepy if I did. So I was stuck with the wrap. I painted it as if were a black linen as to underplay the area and went with a strong contrasts of shadows on the nimbus and the thing that was my original reason for choosing her as a sitter...her face. Great head on her, huh? Really unique and eligant. Makes this one of my better paintings, I believe.

If anybody has sent me a note or an email or anything of that nature, I swear to holly hell that eventually answer your query. I have been beyond busy these days. I have a few paintings to finish (and a bunch of related graphic tasks) for my gallery show. I'm working on the special features for the Venture Brothers DVD set. And let me tell you this; you guys are in for a treat with that. Even though Adult Swim keeps changing their money conscious minds about the number of discs we get to dick around with, there will be some exclusive material that is guaranteed to make you wish that Jackson and I lived in your basement. And yes, I have no idea what that means either. AND Jackson and I are in full production for Season Two. We just finished writing our first coauthored script last night (Okay, it was 4 this morning... But come on, you know that counts as last night.) So cut me a little bit of rope. I sleep in the studio and do this crap 24 hours a day. The worst part of that is that the Astrobase has a vinyl couch and it's like sleeping on a huge colorform. I wake up with the distinct imprint of fake cowhide on my boney, sweat-soaked back. Attractive? No?
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Well,Well,Well,Looky ,Looky ,Nice to see that you had good things to say about me Doc,aside from being uncomfortable around me,Well atleast I never said anything about your smoking while I sat for you, Yes Indeed I am Highly allergic to Cigarette smoke,cause ya know not everyone smokes atleast I had enough manners to not say anything about your smoking that was getting into my lungs so the feeling is mutual ,oh & btw thanx for not inviting me to the art gallery opening a friend of mine told me that she was standing right by the life size painting of me that you did Saint No.48, I would have loved to have been there I give respect where respect is deserved & as an artist myself hearing that you were uncomfortable around me was disrespectful & downright rude,Thank you & have a nice day....btw the painting that you did of me was is amazing & about My name what about it Doc. your name is Eric but everyone calls you Doc just like everyone calls me Sky so leave it alone LOL !!!!!!!
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this is so beautiful!
GoldManeRoyale's avatar
Doc-hammer, Whats the reasoning behind naming all your paintings "saint No. "?

by the way, this girl has the face of a tiger but the heart of a virgo. her hair is wild like her feminine prowess..i love it.

good idea with the frame...that thing is gawdy haha.
Amazing work.
AkikoMiyahara's avatar
The frame is so imposing!

There is no accurate description for what I'm feeling right now. I think I'd have to call it "oonf".
xxaihxx's avatar
your work is astounding...what skill and talent you have!
sinnaminsun's avatar
Your work is amazing!!!
deepfriedtofu's avatar
that frame is INSANE! almost hard to look at the painting..

one of my good friends took it upon herself to draw a tree in her backyard 100 times, so as she could really "know the tree"..

not necessarily that your reasons are the same, but that girl can draw a mean tree now.
SaidieHawkins's avatar
I really do love this painting.
The framing is indeed very rediculous.
I honestly think that I had to favorite this for many reasons.
1. the painting itself is MAD awesome.
2. your commentary is worth favoriting it so I can come back and read it again.
You are highly amusing to listen to.
TheWindWraith's avatar
Love the frame love the expression you captured on your lovely model's face. Pity she didn't get the bra note or comment - but it resolved itself nicely in your work either way. :)
Doc-Hammer's avatar
I was trying to be nice... I think this work has been up long enough that nobody's really paying attention to my comments anymore. So I'll let you in on the truth: That was the most unpleasant sitting I've ever had. Excruciating, and a test of my ability to pretend I don't want to yell "Get out!!!"... But you are right, the finished piece is kinda worth what I went through. Still, I never wanna go through that again. I've been so spoiled with all my other sitters being so cooperative and downright collaborative, that I didn't know what to do with someone who didn't want to understand what I was doing. She just refused to get onboard.
TheWindWraith's avatar
Ughhhh. There's nothing worse, I *completely* understand that one. We had someone come in once who refused to stand in a certain pose we wanted - which was so frustrating because it wasn't a hard pose, she was just being difficult. We ended up having someone from CLASS do it instead the following week *shakes head*

*hugs* You did wonderfully with a difficult situation IMO, as I said before. Cheers to that! :)
lydiajae's avatar
that frame is fuckin brilliant! and wow. it really does work with the paintings.
FeyPhilosophy's avatar
I totally agree with the framing choice.
Beautiful piece, I love this series!
msfeistus's avatar
I think this one is my favorite of all your saints, so far. Maybe it's because of the pose she has, or the way her lips are pursed ... either way, you did an amazing job capturing her expression. I hope that someday, I'll get the chance to see one of your gallery shows in person ... I have a feeling DA doesn't do the emotion of these paintings justice. The scanner tends to take a bit of the soul out of things.
mayney's avatar
This is beautiful, youre an inspiration mate.
painters's avatar
Oscura's avatar
Sky is amazing, a very unique woman. She just has this powerful, beautiful aura. She really seems untochable even in person. This is such a beautiful, breathtaking piece of art you did. I took a photo of her doing her fire dance last month that I have in my gallery now. It came out the way it did because of her, not me.

I must :+fav: this.
MattBenn8's avatar
Damn Doc, you keep raising the bar. I wish I could make the show to see the real things. Being so far away I've become a big fan of Arcadia's web site. When I saw your work featured there I could only think it was an appropriate place for your paintings. You must be terribly excited.

Good luck!
i love the way the frame IS so imposing, it's like she's trying to hide from it.
mayney's avatar
This is beautiful mate! lovely tones.
supremextreme's avatar
My word, that is some fine exquisite painting. All respect to your talent. One small question. Are you always attracted to the sadness you see in these beautiful women? I always wonder what they look like when they are happy. But you do capture the essence of their emotion and that is a grand thing.
carts's avatar
I love your work. Very classical and beautiful.
Reyne's avatar
Your just fuckin' awesome and you fuckin' shit me, now fuck orf.
Doc-Hammer's avatar
Fuck'n thank you for your kind fuck'n words.
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