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Saint No.44

I made this with paint.

All of my shit is done "as life" (I put that in quotes to make it seem like a fancy art term). So, if it is a picture of a head and shoulders, it is the size of a head and shoulders. No... Not the shampoo, actual head and shoulders.

Got a clearer picture this time. You can almost see the brushwork. That's what it's all about. That is why I paint... To get that surface. That effortless surface. It's almost got a name... "Sprezzatura".

If I got anywhere close to my goal, this should look like I just tossed this out. As if I put little effort into producing it. Ya know "Just a little trifle I coughed up in an afternoon." But between you and me, it was the result of grueling labor, loss of sleep, ego-crushing self criticism, and more hours than I can remember.
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Impressionescape's avatar
very nice work of the shadow and the light on her skin
john-clark-33's avatar
dude making it look like you effortlessly splashed it onto the surface is a labour of love that many viewers do not understand i struggle to achieve that half finished careless look (for want of better vocab) every time ;)
Normandtoulouse's avatar
thanks for the beautiful work
BonyStark's avatar
beautifull, I feel sadness when I look this work, incredible.
You crawled up inside the canvas and painted with light from under the surface.
JosephThomas's avatar
I believe that this is the painting that Stephanie showed me on her phone. I could not recognize it as being her until she showed me a photo of herself from the time that you painted her. In case you didn't know she is quite proud of this painting!   I found it to be powerful and beautiful.  
SenescentWolf's avatar
Quite expressive and impressive. Oi.
bkibris's avatar
Caravaggio like to me. Congrats
wimke's avatar
Very expressive portraits , congrats !
ClaeFaece's avatar
Damn Doc, why do you have to be so good at everything? This is gorgeous. Everything about it. Gorgeous.
You mister Hammer fill me with such feelings of inferiority.
4number4's avatar
It worked as you intended! Great work! Hard to get that particular expression...
HanaGalal's avatar
no need to mention how outstanding this piece is...what's your palette?
CorinaWan's avatar
I love this. Just magnificent.
Wow !!wonderful painting so many texture shading and real
aeonsiege's avatar
Really nice piece! :D
Sabinzart's avatar
This is really gorgeous !
Remus09's avatar
Wow really impressive, great work!
legends3's avatar
Artistic expression...a form of self torture? Nah, far too much satisfaction upon completion!
kakobrutus's avatar
duytter's avatar
Very good work Doc, the warm color and contrast are well done, it's a master painting :)
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