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Saint No.42

20" x 30" Oil on Canvas

NOTES: Carmen again. She has this anger/sadness vibe that is an extra-joy to attempt to get on canvas.

Take a look at all those little specs of light on the bra. That shit is painted super-thick in an attempt to give the viewer the visceral feeling of coarse lace. It works way fucking better in person. Or live? Yeah... Looking at it live. That's the phrasing I like. 'Cause then you get the dual function of the word "live". More poetic. (Man, guess who has been writing too much. I'm all picky with wordings now. Fie on you, Venture Brothers!)

Saint No.42... I'm missing one. I know. I have decided not to post all of my completed works on DA for some reason. Do I know why? No. But here are some solid guesses:

It could be that I am so fucking busy that I fear a nervous breakdown is eminent. To paint for like 9 hours a day is tough enough. Now add to that the Herculean task of writing for 8 hours a day (yes, the same fucking day), and you get 17 hours of work. The kind of work where you have no boss to tell you how to do it right. The kind of work where you are your own boss. And I am an asshole-boss that won't let my employees (me) take breaks or days off. But, on the upside... I let me smoke in the office.

It could be because I don't want to let all of the magic out before the gallery showing. Not that I am calling my work "the magic". That is totally retarded, and not even close to the "magic" I speak of.

It could be that I can't take a good (or even adequate) photo of my work, and I get tired of saying "It looks nothing like what you are looking at."

It could be because I care too much.
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She looks tuff, like a beautiful steak... Challenge accepted...
It is " the magic", truly...
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I want to say Mona Lisa eyes, that are looking at someone else for once. And the outlook is not so good for her or for the other involvee.
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I absolutely cannot get over the fact that I can see where her hand presses into the soft flesh of her arm. I mean, the whole piece is astounding, there are all sorts of details I'm sure other people have raved over, that I could rave over, but I cannot get over that one little thing. It's so weighty and real and wonderful, that I can feel it.
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the expression on the face is incredable, u r an amazinly talented i love your work
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She looks as if her significant other has just told her something crashingly devastating, or otherwise seriously insulting.
noa-of-natures-hold's avatar
amazing work.. tell me what you think if you have a minute: :D
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Good work on shadows, impressive!
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"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

Albert Einstein

U can do it Doc your Freakin Awesome !

why do you only do underwear no nudes or full clothing ?

just like stepping over the threshold?

The Beginning of the Venture Bros Season III was freaking great the Butterfly wipe was freakin genius !!!!!!!
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Interesting paintings you make Doc,I like them,and I like your voice work in Venture Brothers. Great job on both.
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You don't like my writing on the show? Just my voice? Ya know, I invented Dr. Orpheus... But just my voice? ( I kid.)
Aman-7's avatar
Oh,you write on that show as well? Sorry,I guess I need to pay more attention to the credits and such. Anyways,I think you rock at it all doc,and yeah I like Orpheus as well.
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I can't believe I glanced over this one before. Her expression in her eyebrows and eyes is brillant. Somber, yet a little pissed off. And the bra detail is.... outstanding, amazing, marvelous, phenomenal. (enough adjectives for you?) I understand what you mean about liking the curls in her hair. They fall over her shoulders beautifully. But~ I have curly hair (like banana curls curly) and I straighten it. So I get where she's comming from too. Still, you are the composer of this masterpiece and I'm happy you fought for what you wanted. Turned out magnificent!
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:faint: Friggin' Amazing!! SUch depth and emotion, I can get so lost in your paintings, Beautiful :heart:
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she looks grumpy.
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I cannot believe that this is oil! It's so well done, and you've hit everything from every crease and fold of her face and clothing. Beautiful. The lighting really complements her skin tone, and the shadows and contrast are visually enrapturing. I applaud you for your gift of expression and technical perfection!!!

How long does something like this take!?
Doc-Hammer's avatar
A couple of months if I get to work on it steadily.
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Essence of perfect technique! To my favourite!!
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Stunning work, very strong expression.
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You really capture emotion in your paintings.That is something I wish I could do.Great job and I cant wait to see the next one.
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I know this is corny but this painting has actually sent shivers down my spine. Awesome work! :faint:
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