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Saint No.40

Oil on Canvas. 14"x18"

This one and Saint No.39 [link] shows how close a study can be to a final.

I usually do a small (11"x14") study of a sitter to dick around with tones and the basic shape of these sitters head. A kinda bullshit "get-to-know-ya", where I pass the painting an orange that I have tucked under my metaphorical chin.

Because I work up these little studies to a final, and consider them paintings as valid and complete as the paintings that follow them - it's not really fair to call them studies. But I do... Because who really cares what I call them.

In the case of 39 to 40, I really liked what was going on in the little one , and thought I just needed to push away from the dead-on likeness of the sitter and bring out the crazy innocence that could not be seen in her, but felt. The room was thick with it. It was also important to me to give the sitter a bit more dark space in the second work, as to bring out some more intimacy.

Please remember: This is not case of repairing a failed painting by redoing it. It is only being inspired to tweak some "difference", and enjoy ripping myself off. I love/loathe them equally and I would appreciate if you tried to do the same. (I am trying to nicely advise you to not tell me your favorite... Don't pit me against me.)
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The realism is insane. I love your work and I’m a huge fan. 
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And now... These thoughts landed him in jail... I hope she is eighteen, or else my local priest is gonna have a whopper of a confessing soul to deal with later. This is of course ONLY if I was Catholic... Thank God I am not... Whew!
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awww my god this very good!
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Outstanding!!! You really capture the life of the woman. :+fav:
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Wow. She both does and does not look like someone I know, with this odd alive-ness in her eyes...
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i'm jealous. show me your ways.
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So so insanely beautiful..
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I'm always so excited when I find an artist on deviantart who produces fine art using classical techniques, like working from life and using wonderful warm colors. I love the way you lighted the model in this painting, and the sad sweetness in the expression. Not that it matters (but just in order to get an idea of your studio practice, how long do you take on a painting? Do you work in multiple sessions all from life, or do you have your model sit only a couple times and then finish on your own? How difficult is it to ask strangers to model for you? Because I know that I'm intimidated to even ask my friends.
this is such an amazing painting
the way you captured the lace on her shirt and the realism made me think this was a photo.
i love it
Well your work is quite a bit very intersting but I'd like to agree with the pervious post.. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad but you captured yourself in your art! Bravo.
Your paintings are beautifully done, but the sadness of the woman appears more romanticized than real. Which is fine except you seem to want to give the impression that these paintings have a deeper meaning. Look, if you want to paint pretty girls in their underwear go ahead. But don’t put halos around their heads and try and pretend it’s any thing other than pretentious pornography. You may as well just put them in pinup poses.
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What are you telling? Or telling at me? That I can't put halos on women? Because they are in their underwear? Would a naked women with a halo be okay? Ya know, like paintings from antiquity? Should they all be in long, flowing gowns so you can throw the word "romanticized" at me again, as if it was a universal insult? Did I break the halo law? No halos on anything remotely sexual... That's bad?

Look, if you wanna call what I do "pin-up", I'm fine with that. It is a kinda weird, failed pin-up if you find sadness sexy. I mean, I'm neither going to deny that, nor find shame in it. And no, I don't want to give any deeper meaning to these paintings than I have. if you see depth, then that's great. If you don't, then that too is fine. If you find that these woman have a romanticized sadness, then you can join me... Their sadness is clearly romanticized, and decidedly unreal. These are not snapshots of women getting undressed in a bad mood...
I'm sorry for my previous comment. I was upset about something at the time that caused your paintings to rub me the wrong way. It was unduly harsh and you didn't deserve it. I apologize for taking my anger out on you.
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I can't believe you have time to do this. Then again it's been since 2006 that you updated, so yeah. Have fun, make money, etc.

This looks a bit more thinly painted than the others. It might just be the light in which it was photographed, though.
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Oh no, it's fucking toweled on there. It's the photo. It's actually one of thicker ones that I've posted. Don't know what happened with the photo. It's got severe noise on it... I really don't know.
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Taking photos of paintings is a bitch, amen.
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Love your whole "Saint" series, this one really draws me though! Her expression is very strange, it seems to hold lots of different emotions, anyways, amazing, amazing work!!!
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I seem to like this one the best just because of the way how you capture the essence in the eyes.
it shows that very strongly.
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That is SO beautiful!
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Your amazing work has been feature in my Women in Art - Traditional (Painting) article [link] :heart:

Love your work!!!!!

:iconmynti: :iconthankyouplz1: :iconcupid: :iconannzie1991: :iconpwincessnaveera:
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wow!!great talent!!!
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WOW! I love how you did the lighting! And I love her expression, too.
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