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October 21, 2009
The suggestor writes, "With exemplary craftsmanship and a scorching intensity of vision, ~Doc-Hammer evinces a moment as timeless as it is emotionally complex in Saint No.38, a consummately rendered and classically beautiful oil painting." Please enjoy!
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Saint No.38

One more painting done... Not much to say about it. The same crap that I said about the others pertains to Saint No.38.

I think I marked a turning point on this one, because the two I am working on now have that extra brushy flair I have been struggling with having the ability to go with. Did that make any sense? I don't care, I'm exhausted... All I was saying is that I'm trying to "let it happen". Seems easy, right. Right? Bullshit! So fucking hard to look like you know what you are doing. Confidence is a form of mental retardation. I know that I suck, and I have to convince my hand I don't. Is anyone listening? I so dearly wish that I didn't care about painting. That way, I could get some fucking sleep.

Enjoy one more of these stupid fucking paintings, that with oily hands, are pulling my heart from my bloodless body.

MEDIUM: colored mud smeared on what is basically a coarse bedsheet.
SIZE: 24" x 48"
Image details
Image size
412x864px 292.47 KB
Shutter Speed
10/600 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 27, 2005, 11:35:43 AM
© 2005 - 2021 Doc-Hammer
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ariya-sacca's avatar
vulnerable, beautiful, and strong
D-Picou2's avatar
I feel your paint. Uh...Pain. I meant Pain.
Death-in-Crimson's avatar
this is a beautiful painting.

if you did suck, [as per your artist's comments] then there's no way you would have been able to portray the expression, and make it breathe ...

:hug: it's brilliant, warm, and ... it feels alive to me.

p.s: there's a novel I read once about an artist ... I think you'd be able to relate to it pretty well; if you're interested it's called 'Crusader's Tomb' by A.J.Cronin (: [i related to it on a literary basis; i like to think that being a writer is a form of artist; but ... I suppose I only say that because it would justify my emotional imbalance :D]

I wish I could say how amazing this is; but words fail me.
xxaihxx's avatar
Worth all your sleepless nights....the emotion in this painting is breathtaking..wonderful!
Monclonk's avatar
this is absolutely breath taking
wimpy3's avatar
like the 'icon' element in these series. Love the dark side of your works :D
Pyro82's avatar
wolfen-graphix's avatar
Wonderfull drawing! She looks alive, you did a really good job on the expression ;)
wolfen-graphix's avatar
"Painting" I should say ^^
the-Beas-tWithin's avatar
This is amazing i absolutely love it.

I think you are a good artist because of how passionate you feel about your art.
And for what its worth i think you can do what ever you want as lounge as you work hard on it and don't give up.
And for any sake you like don't be afraid to give it a rest now and then, some times you just really need it.

Maybe this isn't right for you, but i really want to say something to help out out.
haha, it's so funny that after all of that bitching and non confidence, you get a DD. great job! :trophy:
wow... the emotion... its way to stunning...
Thugnastay227's avatar
superb quality and full of emotion
omg... this is amazing!!! hopefully u'll b able to sleep soon tho!!! but WOW!! seriously
Fire-Link's avatar
Really realistic. What gave you the idea to make this?
Saknika's avatar
That's astounding. It really inspires me in how I want to light and photograph people. I can hardly believe it's a painting!
dragonflower's avatar
I think this one is your most expressive. Love the depth, the glint in her eye is much effective.

What are you using for your palette?
There's such a gorgeous luminosity in your skin tones. Is your palette pretty similar in every painting, or do you change?

Doc-Hammer's avatar
Same colors every time. It's a small palette. Maybe 6 or 7 colors.
dragonflower's avatar
It's truly lovely :) You're keeping the colors close to the collar then?

Have you been continuing on this series?
SlinkyMalinki's avatar
Oh the brushy look. I lose a lot of sleep worrying if my style is going anywhere or if I'll ever paint something meaningful. Art can really be frustrating.

This is stunning and you have nothing to worry about.
No use saying that though, cause artists always do. :)
Khaine17's avatar
TheBeardedComic's avatar
Amazingly realistic and detailed. Fantastic painting. I love thel ighting. Great job.
Khadgar's avatar
Amazing work, sir. The lighting is fantastic. Very much like Caravaggio which is always a good thing IMO.

Wish I had the patience and the money to use oils again.
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