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Saint No.35

TITLE: Saint No. 35

MEDIUM: 24"x36" Oil on canvas

MODEL: Natalie... McKenzie, one of my only online-exclusively friends, gave her my number when she was traveling through NYC. I can't thank the two of them enough. She was a fantastic sitter, and a bright, fun girl that made the awkwardness of posing seem like two old friends goofing around. I only hope the painting is half as beautiful as the sitter herself.

NOTES: The first painting that was done (entierly) during the Venture Brothers off season. I was nothing but a painter on this one. So it has a smidgen of symbolic "something" to me.

I have been concerned (of late) about how we all see colors and shadow on deviantART. What you are looking at is not the painting, that's granted. It's a photo of the painting. And beyond that, I have no idea what you are looking at this "on". Flat screens, uncalibrated monitors, monitors set for NTSC viewing, etc. The only thing I can kinda guarantee that we both see is the general pose, lighting, and with hope... emotion. And, if only the emotion makes it through the technical gauntlet of Murphy's Monitor Law, I will be okay with it. But you must take into account that you are only seeing an "idea" of the painting.

And if anybody cares, these are all painted at Astrobase Go!. So if anybody bought an Astrobase Go! T-shirt [link] and got (as crap) a rubber-band. Those were used by me to keep my brushes together when I bring them back and forth to my apartment to get a good scrubbing. (Brush care people! You gotta do it.) The Astrobase has been without hot water for like a year, because it is floating in space... near the MOON!
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azammehdi's avatar
I just came across your work while browsing the site and thought you may be interested in an art contest sponsored by The winner gets $175... not sure of all of the details, my friend is involved in that website so I thought I'd let you know so you could visit the site and submit this piece - the competition is for Shadow Art... they also have other competitions

Great Work!
Saw your stuff a few years ago on Arcadia... thought it was beautiful then, too :-)
albinoescort's avatar
I really love this one. She appears to have a joy shining through her that you captured. You've made me become far more interested and take note of fine art.
IdaLarsenArt's avatar
wow stunning work :clap:
jd62's avatar
very nice very soft and sultry
Brody-Mors's avatar
In a hypothetical instance if you were to take a high resolution photo or scan of this, would a print be made possible? Or, are you restricted to producing the originals only.
Honestly, this is one of my favorite pieces by you and I'd love to have it on my wall.
Have it as a sort of aspiration (but never a limit) as I paint my own work.
I'm hoping you have an overwhelming price for the original so that it's less likely to sell...increasing my chances of you still owning it.
Ladyjaney's avatar
This is so beautiful. I love how you've captured the soft texture of the skin, even on her abdomen. She glows!

How much time to you spend with a sitter - a short time, or multiple sittings throughout the painting process?
oswalddent's avatar
All your work is great, I can't begin to explain.
SaidieHawkins's avatar
I'm not sure I like the shading on the right side of her face.
But I really truly love the painting.
I feel like I'm slowly and painfully raping your gallery.
I hope it forgives me for it later.
oswalddent's avatar
I really look up to your work. I have been working very hard to achieve desired results when it comes to my portraiture work, and I believe that I am getting closer and closer to my goal (even though I will never truley get there, thank god, I will be trying forever.)

Anyways, thank you for these images, you have worked hard, I can tell.
Doc-Hammer's avatar
That's the secret: Make you standards so impossibly high that you never achieve them. I mean, what's better than a lifetime of learning, and stretching your shitty skills to their absolute limit? Nothing....
oswalddent's avatar
Do you ever wonder what your work will be like in 20 years?
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her facial expression in this piece makes the whole painting to me. i love the tenderness of how she holds herself- almost as she has been up all night crying over some terrible situation. i love your work. simply talent, you can really tell you work hard at doing what you love.
WereAllMad's avatar
Wow...This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the shdows and the colours are amazing.
JonHuddleston's avatar
I love it. I just started painting and was wondering if you have any advice?
xZacharix's avatar
Oh... this looks just like my exgirfriend I broke up with her cause she was cuckoldry... Oh boy, so many memories... Great work there, Gonna fave it!
Kumiko-McKee's avatar
Lovely painting. Expression on her face is wonderful.
AmberArt-Eyes's avatar
Doc-Hammer's avatar
"Wow" is a word I like to hear when it is used to describe my work, and I thank you for it. Sadly, "uncanning" is not a word.
AmberArt-Eyes's avatar
Indeed you are right, 'uncanny' was the word I was thinking of. That is a word, and for my intentions meaning "being beyond what is normal or expected".

LOL, suppose I should check my diction before I post a comment :P
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Jesus fucking christ!!! This is beautiful! I love the depth of the shadows and the way the light is so soft.

I'm hoping to take up oil painting soon as I have a huge interest in classical style painting. Any advice for an untalented beginner? :B
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