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Saint No.33 _detail_

This is a semi out of focus detail of Saint No.33. Those little white specs are light that reflects off the variegated surface of the painting. It is hard as hell to avoid unwelcomed lighting effects when photographing oils. But, I guess, little specks of light beats a big glare that covers half the canvas.

All my crap is painted lifesize. So just look at the figure and you can get a good idea of how big the canvas would be.

It's all just oil on canvas. Ya know, with an underpainting and successive glazes of transparent and opaque paints.

You gotta trust me, they look much more gratifying in person. I am just not a very good photographer.
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An excellent portrait and l love the somber expressions in your ladies! Very talented !
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Your beautiful artwork was featured in my journal :aww:
You can take a look here :[link]
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Not only are you an excellent painter of the exterior, but you are also excellent at capturing an interior. Thanks, Charlie
Very well done, I love it!
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Im sure this a question that would normally take a few seconds of research to answer, but do you use references or just work with whats in your head? I prefer working with ideas rather than material, but sometimes you just cant it right until you see what you want.
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Oh, I can't work from my head unless it's a cartoon style I'm doing. I'm an observation guy. I can't/won't/shouldn't do this kinda thing without a sitter. They are "portraits". Like in the strictest sense. These paintings are very accurate representations of the women that sat for them.
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Ahhhh, see I'm the total opposite. I work best from my head. But, I'm also a idealist kinda painter. I like symbolism, metaphors, etc etc. Almost as if my paintings were poems. Sometimes I'll wish I could do more realistic type stuff. I mean I can, but not to your degree. I suppose all of us painters have our own unique skill set. Just so long as it Isn't the kind of skills that only works with a tablet, I gotta respect the love for art. And you sir, have deep and painful(what other kind is there) love for art. How do those kids say... Mad respect!
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i imagine this would be quite overwhelming up close, in its actual size. this may sound odd, but there are strong elements of the classicism in your figures' relation to the background and the viewer. the way light and shadow roll over the convex and concave aspects of her face strike me as strongly roman, before Constantine came along and everything started to suck.
Is there something particular that jumps out at you when you pick your subjects? Do you try to capture emotion you already see in them or get them to pose in such a way it captures yours? She seems so pulls on ones emotions. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Yeah, I do pick girls that I think have a weird something that is paintable. Posing them? It's a conversation. I try to lock in on their beauty, and then find a way to have it mesh with my particular aesthetics. Although my paintings are overtly melancholy, they are also meant to be attractive and flatter the sitter. It's not like my models just sit there and I go "Okay, good enough!" There is a long posing process that we go through. It's a whole lot of crap like: "Stick your chin out more. Yeah. Like a dancer... Ya know? NO, it looks fine. Now move your right arm back. No, the other right arm. Now turn your head at the shoulders. Okay, that's tilting, I mean turn it." So... It's neither fun, spontaneous, or glamours. It's work.
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Every once in a while I'll come back around here and look at your stuff and think, "Damn, I wonder if he knows how exceptional he is."

No, seriously. Maybe you've been surrounded by talented people all your life and you think that this is just what people do, but, no. This is really exceptional. As in, this stuff is the real deal. This is the sort of thing that ends up in Sotheby's catalogs 50 years from now. Mark my words.
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Do you base these off of real women?
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They are portraits. As in: a real girl sits for them. I met her in a bank and asked her to sit. Yeah, that easy... Usually doesn't go that smoothly. But! Huge language barrier. Like she spoke almost no English. That's probably why she is one of the very few paintings of a girl not in her bra. I need to learn how to say "underwear" in more languages.
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This one is breathtaking! There is so much emotion in it...

Love your work and especially the mood that you are creating. :aww:
Stunning work , I wonder if you also find that after a master piece like this ,you dont work for a while?
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Good Evening Good Dr. I must say I do like the cheek structure and the way you applied the brush stokes for the lips. It might seem grainy to you, but from where I am at viewing this from a PoS Nec monitor? It has the qaulity the does make you think she's ask so how was your day? Expression.... so "IMO" I woul dhave to say you have captured her quite nicely.
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This is very impressive.
Just like the rest of your works.
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wonderful portrait!
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It does look grainy, but its great it brings out emotion, i can feel her
Lily-in-Utopia's avatar
i love the way you treat light. amazing!
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very da vinci. me likes.
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Exceptional..... Thank you for sharing.
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