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Saint No.33

Oil on canvas.
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I like the emotion and circle behind the figure
RedFireD0g's avatar
This is absolutely stunning!
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Excellent work! Love the Rembrandt look to it! Awesome dark tones :)
aberry89's avatar
Do you use models, or pictures? Or do you start with a picture and then kind of start doing your own thing?

I love the skin textures, you get a sense of the transparency, and I love the gentle folds in her neck, so beautifully done.
Galti-Kadlin's avatar
Well done, Mr.Hammer. This one is probably me favorite. Kudos.
DecoPinkDingo's avatar
i love the solemn look in her face..its touching
i have such a terrible problem with oils, so i respect anyone that can wield them well, and you sir, do
i'm no art professor but this is a lovely painting. the skin if stands out so well against the green.
the head seems a tad to small but i'm sure you've caught that if its true.
very impressive work<3
vityso's avatar
you dont like the female who smile?is, fascination, but sad.
Doc-Hammer's avatar
I love females who smile. But I don't want a painting of one. I like Twizzlers, but I don't want a painting of red licorice... Ya know what I mean?
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Sadness is a human feeling,a condition of the person.
People don´t accept the sometime they have jealousy, envy, but the sadness be marc in the face, easy the to see,sometimes not,sometimes like a smal light in the eye,but who have all ways don´t now to ride.
The smile is liberator ,but to much is fake,the sadness is purification.
For me only a true artists now how paint that.
And you now.

i´m never did ask samething foolishness like that apology.

thanks for "reply"
NMartinez's avatar
Nice use of the green.
ZepherFish's avatar
Respectfully Jonathan
glossolaliablack's avatar
This is the first time I've seen this one. It has hints of Botticelli.
theamericancliche's avatar
ah, I just discovered how famously famous you are. feedback- hah!
Doc-Hammer's avatar
Well, that shouldn't make you change your original (and extra flattering) opinion of me. I mean, I'm famous (that's a laugh) for making cartoons, not portraits. In the world of portraiture I'm still a little nobody with a head full of dreams and a greasy brain.
theamericancliche's avatar
Ha, imagine this.

Well, for clarification purposes, my opinion hasn't changed. The notion that you are a bumptious super-star, however, has undergone a few modifications. I have been swiftly put in my place! Never again will I put it above the (famously famous) Doc-Hammer to respond to blips from fellow, not quite as famously famous dA blippers. Thanks for the response. It turns out that there is a human back there, or at least a well-oiled cerebellum.
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wow, absolutely gorgeous model and brushwork.
the expression is perfectly captured.
I am envious of your talent.
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Hey Doc! Big Fan of the venture bros... just came across your page through the venture bros. wikipedia entry. Read your tips on painting and you really inspired me to pick up the brush again... i also do oils and must say your work is quite moving. it has a real old master feel to it. Not many so-called artists even attempt oils anymore and in contrast to the venture brothers stuff it shows an incredible range... it makes me feel less alone in the world, at a time that seems rather senseless and cruel... thanks for the inspiration.
incubo13's avatar
amazing have a great use of lights and shadows.. a true painter ;) congrats...i totaly liked your work, its a shame i havent had the chance to meet you in the last year San Diego Comic Con
etchesketcher's avatar
Beautiful work! Love it!
Miss-Freak-of-Nature's avatar
rarely seen beauty of sadness...
ZaliaPieva's avatar
it has such a tender touch.
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