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Saint No.31

Oil on canvas
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© 2004 - 2021 Doc-Hammer
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Oh wow, I think this is beautiful!!! I love the color of her skin...
ana-diamond's avatar
that one is breathtaking...
I think the model is super hot, but I may be biased because I just don't look as good as I did then anymore. Thanks for letting me sit for you, even though you thought the finished product sucked. It was quite a fun surprise to discover this image here. Hope all is well :)
nirvana-is-my-life's avatar
I understand why you scrapped this one. Not in a 'holy shit this honestly sucks' manner,I assure you. It's just lacking that..feel that most of your painting give me. But I guess sometimes not everything turns out the way we mean it to. Even then,whether the end product is good or not,we learn things with every new thing we experiment with! (This is coming from someone who has probably destroyed 437+ drawings in her short lifetime,though far from an artist,so she thinks she has a clue.)
Ink-Z's avatar
She so Beautiful. I love It, my Art teacher would piss her self
blackoween's avatar
I love this one. I looked through these the other day but this one haunted me.
Supersammich's avatar
Hot damn! This is beautiful! You certainly are talented. Like, woah.
Dancing-Pinky-Flower's avatar
Awesome-but I'm sure you've been told that several times before. :)
JustinPNovak's avatar
Awesome stuff. Love the halo.
sasunaru4life's avatar
It's lovely but it's...lacking. That's not to say it isn't gorgeous but its missing a certain..peice that you always put into your work. Your paintings always express such emotion nd physicality, like you could feel, and had felt, the melancoly..sorrow and it came to life on the canvas. It always seems like the emotion just flows out of you and onto the canvas but this one feels..forced. Like you just wanted to get it over with. That doesnt come across in the quality ( the painting is stunning) but in the feeling. Arg I don't quite know how to say it ><

Well fantastic job and if this makes you feel good at all our art teacher showed us your works as an example of great unknown artists :)
Rutger-van-Bruggen's avatar
breathtaking stuff!
damn :D
Hope I'll be able to paint like that in the future.
goddessOFtheSUN's avatar
It looks like the darkness is swallowing her up. On a separate note, I love her halo.
cyberbard's avatar
While I find it beautiful - I find it lesser in quality than the others in your series. There is a certain kind of melancholy that is missing here and all in all, it feels quite cold.

I'm not going be shocked by the fact that you destroyed this painting - because each and every artist destroys his own works from time time. We always know why, even if we can't convey that message to others. If the artist himself knows, that should be more than enough.
Doc-Hammer's avatar
Right? Yeah, the painting was a necessary steppingstone to something, so it wasn't a waste of time. But it always felt separate from what I was doing. "Cold" is a good call.
lethalpaine's avatar
This lighting in this one, in comparison to the others in the gallery, is a bit flatter. I like it, as it compliments the skin tone of the subject, but was it deliberate?
Doc-Hammer's avatar
The lighting "in" the painting, or "on" the painting? Anything "in" the painting is deliberate, being that I don't paint blindfolded. Any lighting "on" the painting is an artifact from lights bouncing off the canvas.
lethalpaine's avatar
"On", it's a bit harder to see it over a screen than in person, so I wouldn't know about that.

As for "in", the tone of this one sets itself apart from the others, and I wanted to know if there was a "why", or just because.
VesperMariePapillon's avatar
I've ripped apart many paintings, yet still keep the pictures up even after the original is long gone. I can somewhat relate to that process of creating and going, '"Fuck this shit" *toss*'.

Despite the fact that you destroyed this painting, I find it quite fascinating, not really for the painting itself (which is still greater than other bullshit art I've seen), but by what techniques you used (even though I don't know what they are exactly).

I think as a painter, I deconstruct paintings more than appreciate the entire piece; I guess to study how something is formed since that's one of the few ways I've learned to paint. Being that this is a 2004 piece, it's obvious you'd only get better at painting, but even in this work, I'm dumbstruck by certain things, like the halo. It exceptional. I couldn't do it or if I did, I'd have to set aside a large amount of time to give it a clean finish. My hands are not as steady as I would hope for. Small details astonish me, such as that particular part of the work.

And even when/if the day comes when I can paint masterpieces and look at this and point out all the things that are wrong with this piece, it's still a good piece, even if only for that time period where you finished it and worked on and completed your next piece, which should only be better than the previous.

Still, kudos. /ramble
SaidieHawkins's avatar
This one made me go all
I had to go back and look at it three times.
I like the touch of rosy peachness to the skin.
The curve of the cheek...
Very interesting piece
....It's too bad it's destroyed.
DeadlyShuriken's avatar
You freaking rock. I love all your art! =]
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