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December 12, 2004
Saint No.31 by ~Doc-Hammer they're just paintings of girls in bras, as this painter openly states. but these paintings are so razorsharp and crisp. come witness this painting wonder.
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Saint No.30

Oil on canvas (this is actually titled Saint No. 30. I screwed up during the lengthy submission process) (Aaaaand, I fixed the name)
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fantastic portrait and halo motif
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I can think of any ingenious flattery. I like your work.

¡Cojonudo, tío!
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I love the expressions you chose to paint. They are full of depth and great emotion that you can connect to on a certain level that makes me almost uncomfortable, like I'm seeing something i shouldn't.

very beautiful work :)
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beautiful work
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Love the expression.
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beautiful work, love the textures.
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Steve Baby says this is nice, but not half as beautiful as the one, the only, the gorgeously seductive Steve Baby. Steve Baby warns you to don sunglasses before viewing his image; He has blinded mere mortals before.

Steve Baby says maybe you should consider doing yourself a real favor and painting Steve Baby. Steve Baby has to also warn you that this is guaranteed to make you famous, a new member of the masters of painting, so be sure you can handle that sort of responsibility before you paint him. Steve Baby has always been careful not to let his fame, riches, and adoring fans to go to his head.
Will love to see some paintings of "real" saints, like Saint Lucie or Saint Teresa. will add a new meaning to your work, little more disturbing.
Anyways this one is going to my favs!
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You manage to make all the girls look very "lit from within", they are really beautiful.
I wish I could paint like this, I wish it was just a matter of learning to paint in oil, but know it's more a matter of talent.
Cheers and keep up the lovely work....
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Oil paint is a gooey nightmare. It's like painting with hateful honey. Nobody is born with the talent to paint in oils. You have to learn how they work. The "talent" you need to be born with is this deep drive to learn the medium. The talent of not being discouraged. You got that, and like a bullshit amount of time, you have what it takes to work in oils.

Wait... That's kinda depressing; saying that oils are fucking a nightmare. Well, it was meant to be encouraging... Encouraging but brutally honest.
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I have drive, lot's of time and I work at Utrecht.
I have no excuses except that I procrastinate by making comics instead.

Anyhow, do you ever love and hate people for having abilities you wish you had?
I love the Venture Bros.
I happened to do a search for Trianna because I was working on a fan pic.
I found you, saw your oil paintings and was like, god. damn. it.
It seems somewhat unfair for someone to be good at several things, good looking, humorous and seemingly intelligent.
Maybe I am just being petty,
that was supposed to be a compliment...
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I don't get jealous of other people's abilities. Probably because most people don't push their abilities as far as they push their passions. So I always looked at natural ability as just a place to start.

I used to be jealous of other people's "opportunities" though. Ya know, when you see a hack being exalted for some crap-ass thing that reeks of mediocrity, and you believe that your dignified version should have received the praise. But I stopped caring what others thought. And much like when you stop looking for a girlfriend and they all crawl out of the woodwork, when you stop caring about success and just do what you do with fevered intensity... Shit starts to happen. So, as a really bad moral to the story: don't be jealous of me. I was handed nothing. I just worked long and well enough to see some small fruits of my labors. What you should be jealous of are my massive eight and a half inch guns! Monster biceps! Almost in the double digits!
thisbrokenvalentine's avatar
Always giving me sound advice.

I am jealous of your glorious biceps.
But much like the sun I try not to stare directly at them.

P.s. I just finished some fan art of Molotov Cocktease.
You should check it out if you have time.
Unless you hate fan art, in which case, stop being such a jerk doc!

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Fan art is just "art". Some of it sucks, and some of it is glorious. I Let me see yours. Oh, nice! I like her sexual simplicity. Blood Money? Talk about obscure. I have that on a white vinyl 45 with, I think, "On The Wire". Before MP3's and the facile ease of the internet, getting B-Sides was a real project. Now... I lost a small portion of snobbish elitism. No lament. I have limewired myself into crap I couldn't find in my youth as well.
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You mean you don't have EVERYTHING on vinyl? Tsk tsk.
Kidding, I used to work at a couple of record stores and I admit I got spoiled. I bought so much vinyl and a ridiculous amount of cd singles for songs I may or may not have even liked.
You are right that sometimes it is easier to find music on the internet. Especially for songs you may have only heard at a show, or never heard at all, a friend of a friends boyfriend swears it exists though!

I admit to downloading, how else would I be able to consistently expand my music collection and find out about wierdo bands that only just sprung into existence. But don't let anyone else know! Hah

I like the way this conversation is no longer about Saint No. 30, but we continue to post here as though it was...
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dude for the first time in my life i am unhappy all i want to look at is boobs and i'm 17
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That paradigm will remain till you're 25. Then you'll still only want to look at boobs, but you will have learned not to be vexed by it. Enjoy!
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Nice work. You're almost as good as Jochen Hein but he works in acrylics:

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Featured in my journal today :blackrose:
sasunaru4life's avatar rely feels like i'm lookinga at a photograph, no not realy cus photos don't envict and express emotion. You are such an artistic and poetic soul...if you don't have a girlfriend I will be ashamed at the blindness of the female race
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