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I got tired of that other picture, so I remedied the whole thing with a new picture. In the spirit of continuity I used another picture of my profile.
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Ok this question has been bothing me for some time what's with the bordlining romantic relationship between The Venture bros and Team Forties 2.
SweetChangeling's avatar
Your hair is naturally dual toned, isn't it? It seems like I read that in an interview somewhere.
jarsmilk's avatar
I want to draw you!!! ; u ; holy wow I loveeeeeeee your style !

Doc you are truly inspireing.Iam so glad your out there in this crazy world with me, so much of what you say strikes a chord in my mind like a sweet little bell; I recognize so much in your eyes, like a kindred spirit.I also never watch tv unless its when i pvr cartoons,or watch antiques road show lol And if your goeing to have anything too do with game of thrones read the books(which yer prob much too busy for)I will not watch avatar for much of the same reasons, i get into things after the heats died down or before anyone even knows what they are.

Your paintings are so beautiful, i love the contrast between the darkness of the back ground and the inner light shineing out of your models,the fact that you are self taught makes me want to try painting again so ty for that.I mostly use pencil and pen otherwise.Didnt know you had a band but holy shit after listining to some i cant get the passion of lovers outta my head for days now...couple that with how handsome you are and how much i like listining to your share your lonliness any day.


Jackzilla79's avatar
so beautiful *sigh*
CameronNielsen's avatar
Lookin' good Doc, gotta love that style!
TonyJeffers's avatar
Cool hair, has a Cruella de Vil tip vibe.
WaffleFetish's avatar
Your Bowie idolatry has never been so blatant as now. Rowr.
L1701E's avatar
As legendary pro wrestler Ric Flair would say: "You are stylin' and profilin', brother! WHOOOOOO!"
lostcambion's avatar
i wish i had the balls to get my hair done like that. so cool.
TheNewDorothyGale's avatar
you have a great Crispin Glover/semi-Adrian Brody profile.
Bardslain's avatar
Your hair is awesome, I love your attire too :D
nanicooties's avatar
oooh, looky you!!
megansmourning's avatar
nice to see you posting again!
nekromistress's avatar
I want to pet your hair. ;)
Ennarion's avatar
Ur Pro sir, very pro
KainsEvilBunny's avatar
gorgeous, thats all I can say -blush-
lostcambion's avatar
Radslang's avatar
cool!very nice!
dO-rine-'s avatar
nice portrait love the background you choose. Goes well with your style :love:
Curiosajess's avatar
Omg I love your hair! Very awesome! You oughta be in pictures! :)
TehPathLessTaken's avatar
Someone asked me if i was into guys, I replied courteously, no.
After viewing this picture. I will have to change my answer.
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