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Head Study No.2

13.5" x 11", oil all up on the canvas' junk... (I wanted to put a "yo" after that, but I pussied out)

Here is the other portrait I had going during the completion of the larger work (Saint No.35)

I am in constant battle with drying times (welcome to oil painting!). So... I have to work on two paintings at a time. That way, when one is just too wet to work (safely), I can just turn around to my second easel and keep painting. Although it is an efficient solution to my workaholic psychosis, it takes time out of my social life. And you can't underestimate the importance of friends and lovers in the sanity of painters. But, I always can find a way to sneak out of being a functioning human being.

As for the model... Just look at that beautiful girl! But you have leaned too much about my sad life... Ya got me at a vulnerable time here I guess. So, I should just say that she is important to me. Please... Be kind to me... I have to start two paintings now, and you guys know what a bitch that is. Never easy, ya know? Just never easy.

People ask "why" we do it. But it is always "how do" we do it

NOTE: Detail of this in my SCRAPS
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Jan 17, 2005, 10:43:01 AM
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your art has soul... I like that.
the "how" I am quite curious about, your work looks like photo's of these women....but like...not...:)
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then how did you capture that mercurial quality in her eyes
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Beautifil work!!
You know, writing is supposed to be my thing and I can't even find a way to describe your work. This could either mean that I'm an awful writer or that you're an incredible artist. Let's go with the latter...
sasunaru4life's avatar
I have to deserve so much recognition than you get. I know someone who makes websites for a living and if you are interested he would be willing to make you one for free. Not a venture Brothers one but one soley showcasing your artwork and YOU as a person.
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God, it's good. Very good.
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stunning work, one of the best portraits ive seen in ages
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you captured her eyes beautifully. great work.
TheWindWraith's avatar
Your tone and value work in this lighting set up is incredible and seamless! LOVE it! Gorgeous girl, gorgeous work. I'd be so proud!
karlandrews's avatar
Simply gorgeous!
ArrogantLampShade's avatar
I love the attention u paid in the eye lids and the creases in the lips.
thewaterbook's avatar
Awe-stirring work. I really appreciate the depth and value. I'm sure you captured something I struggle with when painting. The essence of the character. <3
WereAllMad's avatar
I envy your ability to do oil paintings. I'm horrible at oil and well...With paints all together. Once again u did an amazing job. =^.^=
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good painting. the eyes are what got my attention in this painting. I really like them. overall composition seems a little dark, but i think it works. i also think that movie about killer sheep is an excellent concept, so really what i think has no bearing on reality. great painting.
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I like this piece because of it's uniqueness. In most of the work in your gallery, the model is not looking directly at the viewer. Your work is so realistic, that when the subject is looking at me, I feel entranced. Woo!
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good portrait and lights
It's odd, I don't even see a painting when I look at this. I just see a question in her eyes and the knowledge that the answer will hurt, and that she thinks i'm a fool for not understanding why.

I don't know whether to marvel at her or cry. She's magnificent.
starryartist99's avatar
this is an amazing painting...especially the beautiful eyes
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