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Film Festival Poster

No scans or vectorizing or any crap like that. It's just Adobe Illustrator and a mouse that has crap on the bottom of it so it kinda sticks to my mouse pad. The piece is like 25"x38". They tell me that it's gonna be printed on with some printer NASA uses. I don't know what that means either. It's for a Dragoncon film festival wherein we will be showing a never before seen episode of the Venture Brothers Comedy Semi-Hour.

Okay... I made a poster... I know, it's not really painting. Cut me some slack here. Should I have said no to the request? Should have just said "No, you get somebody else to make some slapped together poster that is so un-Venture that it will drive me crazy."? Should I have done that? I couldn't. Every time some outsider designs a piece of ephemera for VB, it's so almost there. Ya know? If only they did this or that... I just wanted some piece of Venture related crap to be something that Jackson and I could hang in the Astrobase and go "Hey, that doesn't suck". And as Rusty says: "If you need something done right, I gotta do it." Plus, Jackson was busy painting a rabbit (Don't ask me... Ask him).

And, I swear on my hands that I'm gonna start painting again soon. Super-soon. Super-extra-soon! And I'll post all of my oily failures in here, and we will be one big happy family again.

I love you,
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Such a good poster, I adore characters and I like how are they represented on your super-nice poster))
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like the style, it is very different for ventrue bros though
xXZelgadisXx's avatar
you piss excellence...

but i hit send too soon...
whatever, you rule...
xXZelgadisXx's avatar
YOUUUUU! are a god...never apologise...
L-Designs's avatar
Nice poster design.
MetalChristine's avatar
Haha its funny the 'Sorry I did a Poster I'll get back to painting' thing reminds me what I was told when I went to uni: Designers are Whores of the Art World. And I can laugh with this and agree because I am a Graphic Designer. I make art for money. And although my career is only just beginning I have already done some dreadful things I'm ashamed of haha. But whenever I can I do as much research and learning about what I'm designing so I can to fully represent whatever the hell it is I'm doing. Detail is important.

So no, you shouldn't have said no. Their is nothing worse than a hack poster that represents something you've put a lot of work into. Its a Beautiful poster (and damn fine freehand vectoring at that).
DanaksZoul's avatar
I thought I added this already... apparently I did not. Mmm, poster...
Redmist81's avatar
Boy, am late! You have a Dev. profile?! Awesome! Great work, btw!
piggyfork's avatar
the Monarch looks purely Satanic. Me gusto!
Darcat's avatar
Did you make this Poster? Cus i have ben looking all over for it. Thanks for uplodeing this poster hear.
DeadfaceBaku's avatar
That's...beautiful. ;o; If only I had known you had a deviantart page sooner.
Sempraseverus's avatar
Dhaundre's avatar
Nice colors and motives. I love the way you did it.

Keep going. Congrats ;)
there needs to be an actual venture bros movie
aTomsks's avatar
heeeehehe, ventuuura!
aTomsks's avatar
ops, i mean ventuureee! xD
FetalFather's avatar
The shading on The Monarch's face is the only reason a person needs to love this poster.
mystiquegrl's avatar
Very cool^^ :love: Dr. Girlfriend rocks
brody-lover's avatar
You're such a liar. It's been 2 years since you put up a new painting.

Love you anyways!
Doc-Hammer's avatar
TV show, I just put out a CD... I'm making art. And trust me, I'll return to painting. You gotta have faith in me!
brody-lover's avatar
Okay, but I am waiting expectantly! Girls in bras are the reason I get up in the morning!
Doc-Hammer's avatar
Usually I get up in the morning because I have to pee. But girls in bras is the reason I get to bed late.
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