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This is me in front of my older work. Like, last year old. I changed my palette to a darker one. It feels better to me. There was always something unpleasant about my older works. They seemed to lack that painterly "something". Whatever... Just know that I am still not satisfied with what I have made, but also know that it is the reason that I keep painting.
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Lovely work as always! and Its nice to see you in the shot
I miss some of your older work:)
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"...I am still not satisfied with what I have made.." Are we ever???? Love the darker palette. Love da' woik. Wow-ee zow-ee.
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theres one aleast.
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Your paintings are gorgeous!! ^_^
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Your work is very good!
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I love your artwork... the lighting works very well. You're models are beautiful if they're anything like the paintings.

Ps. You're pretty sexy yourself :P
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What you describe is a lot of how I feel. I am having trouble getting to the palette that suits me, and for that reason I'm not exactly happy with my colored work. I feel limited to these brighter colors, and I wonder why my black and white stuff feels so good until it is colored. I feel tortured by this.
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Wow...I honestly hope there is someone around to tell you what a beautiful person you are.
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the painting in the back left is sooo beautiful, from what i can tell from what you DO have posted you have got some very gorgeous models and so much talent! I love that hair and her shy glance and expression. God damn.
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Dear Doc Hammer,

Hi, my name is Michael Joseph Sauvageau and I think you are the man. I am a senior at the University of California Riverside and my major is studio art with an emphasis on oil painting. I have a man crush on you ( and so does my girlfriend), the venture brothers has been my favorite show for sometime now, I think your band is bitchin!, and when I saw your series of saints painting's I couldn't help but wonder how cool a sitcom based based on you traveling back in time and becoming friends with Rembrandt and Jacque-Louis David would be. Needless to say, I think you are tearing ART a new asshole, which is what I'de like to do sooner than later as well. I am currently in a intermediate drawing class in which I have a paper due in 2 weeks on a artist that I admire (that would be you). My proposal to you is, is there anyway I can interview you (send you 10-20 questions via email) sometime before the 5th of December which I could use in my previously mentioned paper on you for my drawing class?

I hope the answer will be, " Sure, asshole I wil allow you a peak into the awesome factory that is my mind ", but either way I am still going to watch the venture brothers religiously.


Michael Joseph Sauvageau

For my Thesis project I am making a triptych inspired by Otto Dix and it is going to be composed of 3 canvases (each one is 3ft by 7ft, and yes I made the stretchers and stretched the canvas myself), and in the middle canvas I am going to include the Monarch in the composition. Do I have your blessing?
I wish I could make art like yours...
I can't even draw the Venture Bros.
I'm really jelous of you!
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it's too bad that we didn't get to see these, haha.
but move on as you wish, good sir.
i understand that feeling as well.
i'm constantly shoving papers and drawings and things away so that i don't have to look at them anymore.

[by the way, i really like your profile.
well, almost-profile.
you've a handsome face. :)]
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I like your older work. I like your new work, mind you, but it has a different atmosphere, so it's interesting.
There's so much intensity in the eyes and faces of your painted women they feel alive. Now out of curiosity I'd love to see you paint them smiling and with lighter colors, just to see the difference.
This is very beautiful work. Oh, and since I can't possibly comment on all your works here, I'll just add, because I read some other comment you made, that you're not supposed to be satisfied with your own work. If you were, you'd be stalling and rotting. I just hope you get to sleep. Insomnia is just plain unbearable.
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It's noticeably lighter than your newer works, but I think it suits the subject of the painting. (She reminds me somewhat of Poison Ivy; never a bad thing.) To me, what makes this specific shot interesting to look at is the lightness of the composition meeting the darkness of your wardrobe and downcast expression. The clash of the light and dark, whether intentional or not, is a great underlying theme in this. :]

Also, the subject in the upper left of the shot glancing enviously at the foreground is humorous, hahaha.
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I totally dig your hair dude. your a very beautiful person. the side burns are effin kick ass. Your style is so unique dude. fuggin cool
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meh, I really like that one right behind you.

I must admit though, no one paints morose women in their underwear quite like you.
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It looks like you two are gonna kiss ;) I'm sure that was intentional. Beautiful moment!
For some reason, when I see this photo all I can think of is the song "Goodbye hooooorses! Im crying over yoooooooou!" from Silence of the Lambs playing in the background and you telling some girl "It rubs the lotion on its skin, it does this whenever its told.". HAHA! Dude your awesome!
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i'd love to see the old paintings such as that one in your gallery..
btw can i just say, i love your hair. pretty unique idea.
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--late comment
I'm glad you have moved on from that style, that sort of thing is pretty common. It's encouraging when someone achieves "crowd-pleasing" but doesn't rest there.
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Have you sold that painting? I'd buy it.
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