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D.I.Y. Triana Costume

No more excuses, or pausing bootlegged DVDs!

Why?: Because I get asked about this crap. And I was waiting for something to render.

What about the Monarch or Bla-bla?: Ask Jackson to do one. He draws this stuff better than I do. Ya know what... Don't ask him. He's kinda busy drawing guys for your TV set.

Happy Extra Ghost Day,
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powerman2000's avatar gothic goddess. Hazel eyes, short quirky black hair, pail skin like a vampire....and a limited color palette mostly consistent of black. Pair that with the attitude and you got my ideal cartoon woman ;)
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Hah! I actually have Cyber MAC. Too bad my hair is wrong now.
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I think it's awesome that you guys do this kind of thing for your fans. It's really personal and caring, not some cold-dead corporate gunk.
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Looking good! I love Triana, such a cool character!
HAHA!!! I already have the lipstick. good news. bad news. I'm 30, but that isnt gonna stop me cos-playing this.
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Ha! Real good.
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oh and, wait, I did used to have Beauty Marked too. I see you're also a MAC makeup fiend, sir :)
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I had Cyber by MAC, ages ago! awesome!
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I had Cyber by MAC, ages ago! awesome!
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Thank you for this, now nobody has any excuse to draw her wrong. Yay!
Triana should know better than to wear brown shoes with black attire.
Especially since Doc wears silk vests and crisp white shirts to play music. Very dapper.

I totally dig the "ASTRO-BASE GO" logo, you guys came up with. The "Order of the Triad" logo is my other favorite.

Thanks for sharing, Doc!
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1: She wears oxblood shoes with black, not brown shoes.
2: Brown shoes with black is fine. C'mon, this isn't 1907. Black goes great with neutrals like brown. I'd even say that you cpuld gently break the harder and faster rule: "Shoes and belt color should match". Ya just gotta do it with elegance and a bit of subtlety. And Triana knows this... ;)
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I for one support DIY costumes that lean heavily on store-bought elements. It allows me to put together more costumes without learning how to use a sewing machine that isn't fifty years old.

Poor fifty-year-old sewing machine... you've died and gone to sewing machine heaven, but your memory, um, lives on in the new one I don't know how to work.

... I would not make a pretty Triana myself, though. I would make a hilariously awkward Pete White, and am kind of tempted to try. The fact that I can see so many of my veins through my skin leads me to believe it wouldn't be the worst costume for me to attempt.
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i can only imagine the number of people muttering something about rule 34 now that this is up
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I'm working on an "Action man" costume. Never seen one.
Can you make a D.I.Y. number 21 costume or give me any advice on making a number 21 costume(Season 4 version).
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She's a Pretty Cool Character :) Keep Up the Great Work
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Oh, I remember these glowing bracelets. The sellers said you needed to put them in fridge if you wanted them to glow again, but they never did, no matter what you tried:(
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What's new paintings for ages...has the music got too big?...are you working on any more beauties??/...
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