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Good day to you my friends! I hope you all are doing alright today! This is a bit rare-form of me so I'll keep it brief! A fantastic artist I happen to quietly watch has been recently having some difficulties. Like so many of us, they are hard working and have sacrificed so much to find their identity and place in the world. Now they are facing unfortunate and unusual circumstances which any one of ourselves have or are liable to find ourselves in some day. In my opinion, FearCrowz is a criminally under-noticed artist with a colorful and creative flare in their work. They have also made it a criminal habit of underselling themselves and t
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Well good afternoon my dears, I hope you're doing well today! I've been going over some things on my end in-between job transitions and the sort. Now I've been considering creating a limited physical print set of the Hissed Connections comic, but have have been wondering if the time, effort, and expense would justify the means. Well, I've been thinking and thinking, and that certainly creates circles! So I've decided to come on out and ask all you playful souls your own thoughts on the matter. Does a physical print sound up your alley? Comic format, paperback, hard cover? What price would you be most agreeable with if such a thing became
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I believe you have my attention, Caught in your

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Hey Doc, I’ve got a question

Have you got two accounts? I found another with the name DocDivintia, and wasn’t sure whether it was maybe an old account or somebody posing as you (though highly unlikely). It hasn’t posted in awhile so I figured it could be either and that I should ask. Either way it has some beautiful pieces on it

Sorry to bother you,,