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The Chicken Bombardier

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Wow, this is beautifully painted! I enjoy the unique artistic style you have acquired; it is subtle in some places like the goblins skin and very bold, rustic, and has the appearance that similar to World of Warcraft, with the over sized chunky gear. The amount of detailing on the accessories and feathers is splendid! The colors are well chosen and it seems to me that you have a great ordeal of knowledge in anatomy as well as values, the lightning is absolutely wonderful. The concept of this invention is totally goblin-like (did I mention that grin on his face!?). This came straight out of blizzards art book I swear. Excuse me but fan-fucking-tastic!
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WOW... honestly i have never heard so many nice things said about any of my artworks. Thank you for your feedback. It trully means a lot to me :)
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Great amount of detail! You can paint, I can tell you that. 

Here is the critique:

- For long as I've known WoW, there isn't any kind of gore/blood, other than demon blood, which can be fake. So probably shouldn't include bleeding of any kind.
- Good choice of colours, and your anatomy knowledge is great. The only thing I can think about changing in the goblin is his expression. For a WoW piece, you might need to exaggerate it a bit more. Cartoony style. 
- Design: Think about a good design. This guy seems to handle chickens. So have a look at what farmers look like, what chicken handlers look like; they might have aprons on, a blue hair hat thing, gloves, goggles, face mask etc..
- Background: Instead of having a generic mood background, why not put him in a chicken stable? Or an invention room etc
- The scattered ember in the background: use less of them, and make them more prominent. Have a look at my entry for GvG, and pay attention to my ember flowing with the motion of the characters.

You can paint/render well. But like most artists, you need to work a bit more on design skills. They are just as important. To do that you must teach yourself to do a lot of research before you start painting.

Hope this helps :)

Good luck.
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Thank you very much for taking the time to give me this great advice and pointers. Your critique is spot on and i will keep in mind what you said.
Have great Holidays !
Cheers! :) 
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This is so EPIC! Good luck with contest!
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Thank you! And good luck to you too :)
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This is AMAZING!!!
I don't know why this doesn't have more comments!?!?
You really talented, such awesome work!
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Thank you, Zachary!
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