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Couchemar des sens

By Dobi78
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wow, just wow dude, you did all this.
man you are one talented artist
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something different from me :D 
I found my darkside inside me *lol*
Ein wirklich klasse Bild was du da gemacht hast, als ich es gesehen habe war ich gleich fasziniert davon.

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Stunning use of light and composition. Immediately the amount of focus applied to the figure is incredibly powerful; the sharp, bold look that the lighting gives along with the intricate details really makes the image stand out.

I feel like the background really does a lot for this piece; not only does its brightness contrast the darkness of the figure's hair very strongly, particularly with the sharpened form of the trees, but the way it seems to fade into this foreboding darkness is very intimate.

The menacing nature of the background is enhanced so much in its relationship with the light; that relationship is non-existent. The background seems to be untouched and unperturbed by the light source which is clearly there, as seen in the figure, conveying an extremely unfathomable, ominous atmosphere of impenetrable darkness.
This mood is very profound and works so nicely with the dark theme of the image, and it works in a significantly ghostly, supernatural manner with the use of that dark, greyish bluesteel colour, again, setting the tone for the image fantastically.

However, in relationship to the figure's hair and the fragments around it, I feel like the darkness is heightened to create a much more profound meaning in context to the rest of the piece.

The sickly trees, the menacing crow, the shadowed bats and of course the very dark hair colour - all of this sinister, gothic element seen in the hair creates that bond between the character and the darkness. Because of their similar tone, it's as if the hair and all its detail is like a manifestation of the shadows themselves, as if the hair, in fact, symbolises darkness and evil.
This is such a sophisticated, profound symbol, and again works so much stronger in contrast to the slightly brighter background to really highlight the intricate details seen in the hair.

The way the darkness seems to disintegrate into fine debris is even more powerful; it's as if the shards of shadow seem to crash into the figure, and as we can see, fragments of a much brighter material fly off as a result.
Perhaps this symbolises the corruption of darkness; all the evil thoughts and sinister manifestations inside our brains, our heads and our lives end up just demolishing ourselves, shattering our bodies with all traces of good and light crushed underneath the heavy burden of evil. Our evil.

It's as if we are devoured by our own darkness, and with the look of inevitable agony and hopelessness on the figure's face, the grim fate of the character is imminent.

The strings of skin that seem to bind the woman's eyes together as well - does this also perhaps symbolise we are blinded by ourselves, thinking we are doing the right thing, but instead we are really caging ourselves in a prison of consequence and torture?

This image is such a powerful, profound depiction of evil and its power to utterly demolish ourselves, I feel, with the symbolic nature of the use of darkness.
The fact that you've chosen the hair is simply marvellous, directly implying as if our evil thoughts in our brains eventually sprout into this self-devouring, escape-less fate.

Again, such a brilliant use of symbolism, and combined with the superb technique and intricate detail, the impact and power of this image is truly, truly unbelievable. I feel like you've really proven our biggest enemy is ourselves, our own evil and our own darkness.
Awesome work!
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Dear Matthew, 

I'm really impressed about your comment. This make me speechless and very happy. I don't know what to say :D
T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U so much
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Love it, very dark.
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Really great work with the raven. I love the darkness of the piece
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This is amazing - I love the birds!!!!
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wow eine neue dunkle Seite .... wieder eine super Umsetzung :)
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Klasse Bild! :-)
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Vielen Dank :D
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ein tolles aber auch beängstigendes bild
sehr gut gemacht dobi!
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