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Ecce Venefica

I do not care if this is the worst or the best thing I have drawn, what I care about is that is probably the most important. 
And it took me 7 years to finish the initial sketch. 
I always wanted to finish it, but always feared it will not look as it should, as it does in my head. 

I finished it finally thanks to inspiration provided by these 2 pictures, I have stumbled upon recently:

the tree: by SusanCoffey
the mansion: by 2ravens

The tree is called Silent Guardian, and it is an old cemetery oak. An Oak that feeds on human flesh, strangely magical, and almost aware in a very non-human sense of that word. It is neither moral nor amoral, it is just a part of nature, it is not concerned with good and evil. Nevertheless even though the witch is tainted with darkness, the Oak does recognize her as a legitimate heir to the land it feeds on. 



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Splendid and in a way touching. I adore it.
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Thank you kindly :hug:
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wow, this is fantastic, very detailed and ... i don't know, sexy i guess with all those dark tones surrounding the woman. U have my fav :+fav: :aww:
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Thank you, I am very much glad you like it :aww:
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very vvvvvery much, no probs ^^
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Beautiful work!
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Thank you kindly :)
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You´re welcome!
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The level of detail is amazing, this is beautiful work.

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Thank you kindly :aww: I put my heart in it.
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The details are breathtaking. :la:
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You're welcome. :meow:
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It was well worth the wait! :)  From the technical side I can appreciate how nicely you've distributed and controlled the values and textures, and I admire how patient you were for just the right reference material.  Seven years?!?  WOW!  I have a hard enough time stretching a piece over too many weeks before I lose focus and wish to move on to something else.  The concept is equally fascinating, and it dovetails quite nicely into our conversation about the subjective nature of interpreting good and evil.  The concept of ownership is pretty strange and certainly human... I am sure it would be very bizarre to a sentient tree.
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Thank you. Well I was not thinking about it all this time. I nearly forgot about it. But when I found the sketch last year in my parents house, I knew I want to finish it one day. 
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Well, no matter what, I've always adored your work... Also, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday.
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