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Royale Vista II WBlinds Beta

Beta 0.1
Designed for WB 5.5 or Higher
Unlock the Taskbar for Taskbar shadow
Per Pixel and non Per Pixel Borders
Vista Sounds and Icons (Apply the theme using the themes tab of display properties)
Includes Wallpaper
Styler themes included

Download styler here...


Donations are appreciated :)
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plz dobee update this for vista!!!

this was my all time favorite skin and still is but it looks bad on vista, if you arnt going to update it for vista can you please show me how to make the start menu look good? i have fixed most of hte vs to work on vista

but i still need help with the start menu heres a pic:


can u help plz i use skin studio 6 but i always have skin studio 5

Does it actually also work with Windowblinds 5? Or what would be the drawbacks of using WB5 instead of 5.5?
Thanks for your reply and congrats for this awsome skin!
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Fantastic skin! Will you be updating this for Vista/WB6?
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My taskbar wont go transparent
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Does this work for WB 6?
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Gorgeous. >uses< :O
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i had never seen like this.. it's awesome.. :+fav:
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Your purple wallpaper is excellent. Could you include it in the Royale Vista II vs package also or release it separately ? Thank you for this great theme I installed on all my pcs :)
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Nice work! One request: add a bigger space between the startbutton and the first folder in the taskbar. It`s too close together. Almost forgot, I run vista home...
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Nice. Any WB6 updates planned?
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holy crap!! a vista-ish theme i'll use.
congratulations =D
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I think i love you :';)

this is very nice, man!

very, very very nice :)

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awesome man!
cant wait for the full version...
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You should make this theme for Gnome Linux..
It'd be like THE best theme.
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good work, nice window borders and styler theme but I prefer your royale vista 1, I use it
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Awesome wb theme. :clap::+fav:

But i wanna know the difference between this and msstyle.
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Nice. But the Slim version needs more than a slimmer taskbar - it needs slimmer titlebars too!
"you can check bud but i wasn't aware you could and i am a full subscriber"

badboythemer, you can buy a sub for somebody else at stardock....just fill out the billing details as you would for yourself, but tick the 'for someone else' box and fill out the details & email addy of the intended recipient.

BTW, Dobee, nice work and keep it up.
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this is so so great nice...
i like it no i love it
ur the man..............
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Amazing work as usual. The only thing I would comment on is the shell. I prefer the left hand style shell from the Large sub-styles of the Visual Style version.
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