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August 13, 2007
"As far as Windoes XP styles go, they don't get any better than this masterpiece, and it's only gotten better with each update". Be sure to check out the amazing Royale Vista II Beta by ~dobee. A great visual style to tune up your desktops! Check out his other skins!
Featured by mauricioestrella
Suggested by saemke
dobee's avatar

Royale Vista II Final

WindowBlinds Here

Update 1.1
Fonts installer replaced
New styler toolbar themes added
Top shellstyle only applies to Slim Compact
Styler toolbar compatibility fixed

Final 1.0

Now includes Blue (Royale) version
Styler themes included
Vista Sounds and Icons (Apply the theme using the themes tab of display properties)
Includes Wallpaper

Enjoy ;)

You can download the Vista icons here

Extra Addons

Styler and Samurize by PEPEi


Thank you so much for the DD :)
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Jacobkip's avatar
it's great buy my start button looks different
byverter's avatar
I made Google Chrome theme for this:
hAckEr4LifE's avatar
thisi is good but,FOR WINDOWSS BLINDS .. =??[link]
How do i download themes here guyz?Please tell me idea
Dallitec's avatar
Nice work! i like it :)
LittleG33K's avatar
This is the definition of "Elegance".

Excellent work. :D
Kipet's avatar
Like promised, It's ported to 7:

nimmse's avatar
Nice, very nice. Fav :)
Borodox's avatar
Is this made for xp or for vista? I am running into an error when I try to use the theme files, I am running vista home premium. If you can port this to vista if its for xp, I would be eternally greatful!
gaga25's avatar
this is was my best VS for XP , will you plan to port it for Windows 7 ?
lukataylo's avatar
Awesome theme Featured it on my blog [link]

JakieDINOSAURrawrxD's avatar
Does this work for Windows Vista?
MyNameIsDev's avatar
looks pretty- i mean VERY cool. clean theme. with my fav color.
jsw1tch's avatar
this is an awesome theme, i've been using it on all my setups since i found it :)

i recently made this wallpaper to go with it : [link]
DJBoraP's avatar
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