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November 21, 2006
An outstanding theme, packed with sub-styles, sounds and more! NeoGeniX by ~dobee simply rocks my world!
Featured by abhimanyughoshal
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NeoGeniX Theme Pack

***UPDATED: 04/12/06 Compact startmenu update***

NeoGeniX... a dark theme with neon glowing text and LCD combination, clean design, subtle on the eyes, improving your desktop.

Left, Right and Top shellstyle variations
4 color schemes (Blue, Green, Orange and Hot Pink)
3 font choices (Tahoma, Verdana and HandleGotD) HandleGotD font included
Cursors, logon theme, sounds, icons and wallpapers also included

add ons:


NeoGeniX ObjectDock by partkid

NeoGeniX Quicknotes by partkid

NeoGeniX Colorpad by partkid

Core for NeoGenix Wallpaper by krolled

NeoGeniX Icons Suite by kali2005

Get the Calabi Orb Icons used in screenshot here




Do the following to change the grey window background...
Go Display properties>Appearance>Advanced> item: choose window> color
1: change to white or color of preference


I am truly humbled by this and can't express my gratitude enough but...

Thank you for the DD!! :D
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its 2021 and I still love the way the theme looks ; reminds me of the good ol days

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I love it ! Nice gray window background, it's perfect for eyes. No stress, no bright white :D (Big Grin) 
Chillhoptechnerd's avatar
awesome. just downloaded xp black edition and this theme came included. one of the best windows themes.
Skarpskyter's avatar
And I'm still here hoping in vain for a Windows 7 compatible version. ;)
RurayaK's avatar
This is the best windows theme. Even now (23/06/2014) after the XP support was discontinued, this is still the coolest theme and I'll continue to use it.
EgeKazak's avatar
thank you, there was no cooler theme for xp
How do i download i see no download button!
please help!
at the right side lol
suvilei's avatar
PLEASE OH PLEASE someone port this to windows 7 ;n;
I second this emotion! Maybe people should start an online petition!
The closest thing i can find for windows 7 is the Orja theme:

For digital artists who have sensitive eyes, having a "easy-on-the-eye" is crucial! That's where NeoGenix rocked!
qwertz98's avatar
Wow, that looks very great. I love it.
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I really want to use this, but I have service pack 3 and can't use StyleXP. So I updated my UXtheme.dll and it shows the cursor and sounds and icons but the taskbar looks like windows classic. Any clue what could be wrong/what I can do to fix it?
Randomzombie131's avatar
have you patched your UXtheme?
Faenoire's avatar
Yes, I have. :C Several times, now.
qwertz98's avatar
Have you reboot your Computer?
Faenoire's avatar
Mhmmm. Tons, since then. I eventually gave up :C Apparently Styler and updated uxtheme.dll don't work with Windows XP service pack 3? that's what I heard, anyways.
Randomzombie131's avatar
I run sp3 with uxtheme patched and ran this theme for months without a hitch.. Maybe it is Styler that's messing things up
Faenoire's avatar
Aaah, it could be D: I tried downloading Styler, actually, and.. crap I can't even remember if I mentioned this, but it's been giving me errors, so I googled said errors and everywhere I looked said that it was something to do with SP3 D:
BleedingStarrr's avatar
I've been using it a YEARS ago and I have found it again .. Awesome *__*
i've had this theme for years now, i would always put it back after formatting. it's perfect. :)
i wish there was something similar for win7, tho, cause i plan to swich soon...
CountZilch's avatar
oh how i wish this was for win7
Foxhood's avatar
Could someone help? It says one of the needed files cannot be found.
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