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Nobody likes the quiet,shy Asian kid sitting in the corner of your classroom? Do want!

Be going to Sarawak (Borneo) to pray for my grandfather. Missed him so much, he was always being mistreated by the evil lot of my extended family.

Anyways, how do one buy a dress without that "HO SHIT HE'S BUYING A DRESS FOR HIMSELF?" 'GAYNESS!' ? Do Ants Walk on Chemical Roads? Why does the Consortium thinking they can buy Congo and kittens? Why do people love Pringles!?

Does Damon Albarn equals sexxor mowr?
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So yea,I got like,2As,1B,5Cs,1D and a Fail. I'm not so sad about it,I've seen people did worse than I do but still, how do these nerds play about getting straight As? Jeez.

Anyways,I think I've becoming a camwhore D:

Speaking of which, anyone who's a fan of stargate or David Hewlett (Rodney McKay in SG) must,MUST watch A Dog's Breakfast, it's a hilarious show with...doggies! Yes. Bark. Now,cheerio.
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Arngh,I can't think straight, I can't do anything right without that number reminding me of my SPM result's date. I hope I did well,I hope I'm okay, I hope I don't panic and fell down and just lie there without my pants! D8
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I'mma going to Perth for the holidays, see y'all later after Valentines. kthxbai <3
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Okay, I got a few of me squaddies to help me out on me wee bit of a project, it's nothing fancy, but me and lads think it's best to make it human, so there ain't no furries about, partly because I thought this might change the Webcomic genre abit, so if any of you lot thinks you can help out, do send me a note.

All I can tell you is, it's zombie related so whoopie-freaky-do.
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I need an assistant or a co-writer/artist in my project.

Knowledge in History [WW1/2]
Zombie-maniac [Gotta at least read about WWZ or Zombie Survival Guide]
Good writing skills/art skills
Gotta have Yahoo messenger

Note me if y'all interested. I don't mind having 2-3 people in, saves me the trouble and time too. :)

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What's really needed in the job market these days? I'm quite limited with my choices, I couldn't pick anything technical like engineering. Blame my carelessness and stupidity. :|

My current choice is filmmaking, I'm trying to apply for Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, second choice is Nanyang Poly and backup plan would be either CENFAD in KL or SAE in Singapore.

If you ask me why I go for's a long story, I feel like I have the vision and creativity for it, I couldn't go for design to be honest, I like arting and comicking, however, can the job market sustain such an ambition these days? I never heard anyone living the high life from drawing comics. Unless it's people like Joe Kubert or Stan Lee.

Any Singaporeans available for a chatting on Yahoo? I might seek thy advices! :D
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...Another challenge.

Happy New Years everyone, have a good 2008. :D
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Just to update, I haven't forgotten about DA, my huge burden is quite over, now to figure out how to continue it.

Does anyone know a good filming school in Singapore?

And, exam's over, I'm glad I can go back to arting. I hope. :D
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I posted this on LJ before and seems like nobody reads my old ones,anyways, here's a...memorable story I wrote in my previous exam,I don't know why but I felt comfortable writing it.

In the morning of 1945, I hug myself, feeling the tainted fabric the Reich had given me, I groan in displeasure, I'm here I say, I'm here to defend what I can from the Red Scare. The very color demon represented, the very idealogy that destroy freewill and impose death sentences to students and heroes, sending leaders and farmers to Gulags and salt mines in Siberia. I'm here all right, I'm here, together with my dirty Karabiner 41k rifle who I affectionately named Leonidas, I proceeded to protect my land from evil, from Communism, from Imperialism, from anything that is against the Laws of God. Pathetic, I am. Are you still so content in believing a goal like that? Has Goebbels brainwash you like the rest of the Waffen SS or the HitlerJugend? I failed in protecting my families and my comrades, what use am I here, holding firmly onto Leonidas? Holding Leonidas made me calm, it made me the person to give or take any lives away with the rate of fire of 5 shots per 12 seconds at a range of 540 yards, adjustable sights and long barrel make me far,very far. And deadly.

Leonidas has been with me since the start of Barbarrossa where the Commies were under our iron threads of our Panzers. 4 years seems so far away, yet so near. I can still recall clearly how our gruppen decided to make minch meat out of these partisans and stomach battalions. Stomach battalions, that's what our officers used on the Ruskis, they seem to only crawl on their stomach and hug themselves whenever we fire our Maschinegewehr in burst shots only. Those were the days where Leonidas and me,as well as Sacha, my Mauser M.712 Pistol, make failure is the weakness of the enemies, those quote stuck onto our heads, no one can take me, Leonidas or Sacha away. 1941 was great, we rush through many villages and had a nice view of the countrysides and then that is where being an Ostfront Soldat is a huge mistake, snow. Lots and lots of snow, I once recall a white Russian cat huddle onto the snowy floor, I remember Andrea said : Ich hast Schnee. Cute cat, we actually adopted him as our regimental mascot.

"Scheisse" I murmured, bullets were zipping by the verdamnt window when I was having my flashback, I guess it was the Russian's way of telling us to keep you Bosch to stay awake. I place Leonidas gently onto the ground and peered up the next window.

Massacre. A bloody massacre. It's not that I didn't witness this sort of bloodshed as I gone through the whole war as a grenadier Schutze in the 85th Regiment, but this is clearly a hellhole in the middle of Berlin. Everyone was involved in this battle. Men,women,kids,old people. I couldn't believe how a T34-85's MG tears down a few old men from the Volkssturm within seconds, just seconds, or even faster than just second. Their old fragile limbs and organs were torn apart by Degtyaryov 7.62mm MG. Those were Germans, Germans who volunteered for the defense of our Fatherland, died by a Red tank. I couldn't hold in my emotions anymore, I slump down and ponder about my future, I have no one to look forward to whether we win or lose this war, not Andrea, not my family, not Schneekatze, don't even think about the Russians. Berlin is the next London, Hell on Earth.

I grab Leonidas and pat my holster for Sacha and move slowly towards the door. I peek around the corner of the door of Hans Obstmarkt and I find myself in a predicament: 2 Fucking Russians manning an old Maxim Machinegun, if I would to guess, that piece of shit must've taken lots of Germans and Russians, old piece of crap. I sling Leonidas onto my shoulder and figure out a plan. If I would to eliminate the MG position, I would expose myself to that verdamnt tank. To move back into the building would give me a difficult position to fire upon the crew of the Maxim gun. I breath in a mouthful of warm stagnant air and took out Sacha from my hip holster.

I can estimate I need at least 5 to 7 shots to kill the crew and run towards the opposite building which marked Kafe Konrad, I'll let fate decide what happens in the middle of things. I look at my belt buckle and feel the engraving;

[i]Gott mit uns[/i]

I dash out from the door frame and run towards the unsuspecting Russians, patting them with rounds of my Mauser. I can smell their death today, it's fresh enough to wake any men on Earth. Their screams in Russian, something like "Davoy", all my life I avoided Russian language, it's very difficult but I know of one phrase: "Dasvidanya".

The two men fall like rag doll onto the Maxim, blood gushes out, ruining the weapon. I am now expose in the middle of the Straße , and in front of me, I saw that Russian bull, engines clunking up and within the junk lies scream of Russian command, it was incomprehensive to me, I couldn't care less anyway as I am now in the path of a huge 76mm gun. I recollect myself and try to outrun whatever the tank tries to throw at me.  I saw the light and it was just blank.

[i]God With Us[/i]

That is what the engraving on my belt is.

I wonder if you can understand the hidden meaning within this story but I guess I just write this for the sake of symbolism. I hope you have fun reading it as I do writing it.

Can you guess how much marks I got?
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So is it wise that Company of Heroes Opposing Front just released so that they can combat with World in Conflict?

I got tired of the demo and as soon as the game hit stores here, I had to steal it....kidding. So today I just got WiC and I'm impressed with the single player campaign cause I've been doing this sorta genre since I was 14. Problem with WiC is that damn freezing issue, hope those guys give us the patch soon, it's driving me off the wall!

As for Opposing Fronts,I've no idea, I haven't got the game yet, pirate or not, the verification issue seems to really hit Relic where it hurts most, why would you sacrifice quality over some battle with another game of the year? WHY!?!?!?!

Anywho, I'll be just as happy as a wiener in a hot pan when I get my paws on a workable Opposing Fronts......and Crysis. 8]

Okay game rant aside, examinations again, I'm abit healthier now and I'm pushing myself to go on a studying mood, I know I didn't do any artwork since like......forever but I assure myself that I'll do one during the Aidilfitri holidays or Eid ul-Fitr for some of you non-Malaysian blokes. Something tells me that a dose of unique WW2 pic is in order to save my buns from total wastage. Something of modern guns in WW2 era sounds cool right now.  Imagine the Wehrmacht army uses G-36. 8D

And I think I can't pronounce 'Nichts', I FAILED! D:
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Well,to make things short, I like to say I'm still pretty much alive...I guess. Being busy abit here, things like having a fucking Cold Sore which affects my lips and my sensitivity to temperature, trial examinations and building my Tiger Tank model. Other than that, I've been really stressed out, who would've know that 80% of stress were caused by family members while the rest are school? Bleh...

Anyways, I like to say maybe I'll post something up,anything to make this gallery alive once more. I'm still thinking of making a loooooooong pic of my watchers fighting zombies o_o
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If any of you blokes are playing Second Life,me too actually, I just started,so,would you guys be so kind to meet me and give me some cash to start off my newly made Second Life? :D

Since my First Life is still.....*Kaputt*

Second Life name is : Dobb Shepherd    (Cool huh? :D )
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)-Soon we will stand,soon we will stand invincible.

)-If you fail,do not return.

)-Take no prisoners and no survivors.

)-From the shadows we emerged now,we will soon make ourselves immortal.

)-I am the future.
Fucking math,that's it,I hate math,there's too many people who gloat and boast at me on their mathematical prowlness, I didn't ask you to shout at me about your series of success in figuring out the basic identities in advanced trigonometry or telling me about the geometrical progressions,no,I hate math,that's it,it makes me dumb,stop gloating and bugger off.
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...till you get the hots of either a Crossdressing boi or Lee Jun Ki.

Either makes me squeamish.
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So says the zombie Julius Caesar.

I was back like...a few days ago,damn,I fall ill and was clinged to bed for 14 hours a day.

Anyone want to do a giftart for me? I'z sick ;.;
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Going to Bangkok,BRB
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Man,it's been so long since I last drew. So without further delay,I'm trying my best to post something up...

I just don't bloody get it,the comparison between recent work and the work I had before is totally leaving me mind boggled. I've never seen such gap. I'm going to need advices really,or tips or whatever,I trust myself to keep my own artistic side as sharp as stakes,but I can't just possibly go with "Keep drawing and sketching and arting till you go pro",mayhaps there's other methods? Or I'm just getting lazier till my creative juice run so dry it looks like Kyle Gass' buttcheeks.
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Pat me!