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Sonic Mania Animation 24 - Sonic Sneeze

By DOA687
I saw this… and wanted to give it the mania touch,
also something for people who probably missed the mania content
hope you all like :D
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sonic sneezes when he senses trouble. it may not be in the modern games, but it is canon. the latest sighting of the ability is in the sonic cd opening cutscene
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I think that cutscene can be used for his idle.

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Bless you, Sonic. 
I sneezed just when I noticed this! 😂
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all your work is amazing but these sonic sprites are something else.
really great work, so much character in every animation.
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That’s one of the unused animations from CD, isn’t it?
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Good morning friend, OOOHHHAwwAwwAww.   
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Bless you Sonic..... Again !
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Running through many places, dust can cause a sneeze, be careful where you get Sonic! ; )
This is cool nonetheless
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does sonic has a cold ?

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Nope, he just do that when he feels danger, it's actually canon but very forgotten.
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1980s: There going to be flying car in the future!
2019: Sonic sneezing 
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Nice callback to Sonic CD. ^^
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Bless you,Sonic.
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