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Oh wow, this is so cool!  These characters turned out great.  Such a wide variety!  I especially love how you do the wrinkles in clothes.

And holy smokes, thank you so much for including my character!  Those wings are pure awesomeness, haha.  Love the pose too!
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Happy to do it Dude :D
I really adore your stuff and I thought this was a great
way to give you a shoutout.
ZehB's avatar
I can´t thank enough for this awesome present!
It was a honour to see Yan in your pixel art!
Thanks againd and keep rocking, dude! Hug 
DOA687's avatar
It was my Pleasure Dude :D Jumping High-Five - NaNoEmo Day 11 
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You do commissions for these?
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Pepo face looks a bit... Weird
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It's great to see a talented artist's rendition of something you've created.
Thanks again man!
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Cheers Dude :D
it was about time that I posted this on here lol
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Eey! omg this is still so cool X3 Thanks again jfklasjfl dsjklfj

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You're Welcome ^_^
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Excellent work man!
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Thanks Din :D
I'm really glad you loved it
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OMG me encantan AbsoluteDream y SrPelo
Tyrannoraptorrex123's avatar
Cool and I Love sr Pelo's Screams
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you make too much stuff 
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I made these sporadically here and there.

Smoke-The-Pyroling's avatar
i want a request/commish
DOA687's avatar
I only do commissions.
I don't take requests.
DOA687's avatar
something like this is 12$
Smoke-The-Pyroling's avatar
... You DO accept points, right?
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