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Welcome New Members (Please Read Rules and Guideline!!!!!)

Important: This is not Fan-Art group, Do not submit your Art work, We only accept your creation and ported models with links to files

When submitting your models, If I don't respond to accepting it, I will gladly accept it back when I see it expired or just remind me by sending a note to me personally

If you use original mesh parts please link/credit the original porter not the mesh modder (unless they ported it themselves)

We accept:
• Work in progress images

• Crappy Mesh Models (if you are wondering)

• Re-texture models (please credit the original owner, not yourself but the re-texture)

• Same stacked ported models (sometimes different rigs can help other people mesh model's better)

• Ninja Gaiden/Fatal Flames Models and weapons

• Original Character models (using DOA bodies and faces)

I also accept Finalize Render Art of your DOA creation (please submit it to features)

If you would like to make a render art of someone else mesh mod creation I'm okay with that too. I don't mind if you do mines either. (please submit it to features)

We don't accept:
• Duplication of :iconbstylez: mesh model or anyone else (please make your own, that is what this group is for) If they are not available to download and you have re-created it, by all mean it's okay with me (as long you use your own work)

• Models without a link or has a dead link

• Models that are mesh with other game characters bodies (must be all DOA body but clothes can be from
other games)

• Other DOA Fan Arts (we prefer Artwork from the model you have created)

Other notes:
Please place models on to the correct folder, if you some how do not know where to put it (sigh) add it to W.I.P section and I'll do it myself

If you like to help out, suggest a DOA model to our group

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

DOA 6 Nude mod: MAI by SaafRats

Mature Content

[DOA6] SaafRats Nude Mod v1.0 by SaafRats
Nyo Tengu Kyoko Minazuki Re-born (ALT) Render 2016 by bstylez
Kasumi Deviant Girl Promo Render 2015 by bstylez
Banner Event
DOA-Creation Banner by HonokaRed
DOA5 LR Ayane Alluring Mandarin dress by zareef
DOA5 LR Ayane Deception by zareef
DOAX3 -Labyrinth- Collection by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Hard Sports Bra- Pack 1 by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Harness Straps- Christie by Irokichigai01
DOA5 LR Christie Halloween Costume by zareef
DOA5 LR Christie Halloween 2017 by zareef
DOA5 LR Christie Halloween 2016 costume by zareef
DOA5LR -Sailor Uniform- Hitomi by Irokichigai01
DOA5LR -Asari- Hitomi by Irokichigai01
DOAX3 -Yamizo- Hitomi by Irokichigai01
DOAX3 -Volans- Hitomi by Irokichigai01
DOAX3 -Caviar- Helena by Irokichigai01
DOAX3 -Peanut- Collection by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOAX3 -Violet- Collection by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Harness Straps- Helena by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Narness Straps- Honoka by Irokichigai01
DOA5 LR Honoka Halloween 2017 by zareef
DOA5 LR Honoka Rodeo time by zareef
DOA5 Honoka Costume 41 Arc System Works Mashup by rolance
Kasumi - Phase 4 - Alpha 152
DOA5 LR Kasumi Alluring Mandarin dress by zareef

Mature Content

DOA5LR - Sagittarius - Collection by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Bride- Kasumi by Irokichigai01
DOA5LR -Jacket Straps- Kasumi by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Hard Sports Bra- Pack 2 by Irokichigai01
DOA5LR -Sailor Uniform- Kokoro by Irokichigai01
DOA5LR -Asari- Kokoro by Irokichigai01
DOAX3 -Yamizo- Kokoro by Irokichigai01
Lei Fang
DOA5 LR Leifang Fairy Tail by zareef
DOAX3 -Daiquiri- Collection by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Harness Straps- Lei Fang by Irokichigai01
DOA5LR -Sailor Uniform- Lei Fang by Irokichigai01
Lisa Hamilton
Lisa Hamilton Panther - Halloween Gift by KiiraUsunaii
Mai Shiranui
DOA5 Mai Shiranui Costume 01 Default Red by rolance
Marie Rose
DOAX3 -Eel- Marie Rose by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Harness Straps- Mila by Irokichigai01
Miyako tropical alternatives hairstyle - model by ToshiieKyoko
DOA5 LR Momiji Alluring Mandarin dress by zareef
Naotora Ii
DOA5 Naotora Costume 18 High Society by rolance
Nyo Tengu
DOA5 LR Nyotengu Tatsunoko production mashup by zareef
Pai Chan
DOAXVV -Hotaka- Pai-Chan by Irokichigai01

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Harness Straps- Rachel by Irokichigai01
Sarah Bryant
DOA5 LR Sarah Costume 2 by zareef
Tina Armstrong
DOA5 LR Tina Alluring Mandarin dress by zareef
DOA Male
Hayate Costume 2 by zareef
Pack set

Mature Content

DOAXVV -Nude-Tamaki by Irokichigai01
Fatal Flame Models
Ayane by Sticklove
Ninja Gaiden Models

Mature Content

DOA5LR -H-LOD- Irene by Irokichigai01
OC and others models
DOAX3 -Nikolaschka- Misaki by Irokichigai01
DOA5 LR Game mods
Kasumi Anemone, Dainthus, Gardenia and Sansanqua by KasumiLovesmods
Weapons and accessories
DOA5 Last Round  Fighter Force -Guns- by Irokichigai01
DOA5 poses
Pack De Poses 7 - Poses by ToshiieKyoko
DOA NGRE3 Stages
DOA5 Stage Desert Wasteland by rolance
DOA5 NGE3 misc stuff
DOA5 Motobike by rolance
Blender XPS Tutorial
How to mesh DOA5 models without making it work by bstylez
Work in Progress

Mature Content

L Custom Body Preview (Update) by SaafRats
Design Request
Battle torn Ayane by EnlightendShadow


DOA5LR - Naotoraii  Tatsunoko Mashup Cos by xuniana DOA5LR - Naotoraii Tatsunoko Mashup Cos :iconxuniana:xuniana 47 5 DOA5LR - Evol Elite Officer by bstylez DOA5LR - Evol Elite Officer :iconbstylez:bstylez 35 11 Christie by Darkslayer092 Christie :icondarkslayer092:Darkslayer092 106 6 Lei Fang Sexy Red Dress Render 3 (Final) by bstylez Lei Fang Sexy Red Dress Render 3 (Final) :iconbstylez:bstylez 130 17 Assassin Creed Kasumi Render by bstylez Assassin Creed Kasumi Render :iconbstylez:bstylez 365 40 Lei Fang white pantyhose Render by bstylez
Mature content
Lei Fang white pantyhose Render :iconbstylez:bstylez 153 26
Lei Fang Nurse Render by bstylez Lei Fang Nurse Render :iconbstylez:bstylez 156 24 Lei Fang Casual Battle Render (Super High Res) by bstylez Lei Fang Casual Battle Render (Super High Res) :iconbstylez:bstylez 97 9

Group Info

My Custom models was a big hit, and more people are starting to follow my tutorial on how to make their own, so this group is dedicated to DOA custom made models or current models Design
Founded 6 Years ago
Aug 30, 2014


Group Focus
Art Creation

Media Type
Digital Media

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I like to Design new clothing for DOA models, I hope people would follow the same path as me as well ;-)

This Group Contains Nude models 18+, You have been warned!

Please respect all porters and mesh modders for there models, do what they ask in their description and don't ruin it for other people

This Group is strictly dedicated to DOA models and DOA mesh models, Do not post anything else that does not contains a download link to an model. It will be decline (we're here to make some models, not just displaying them)

Dead links to models will be removed, if you spot one please report it

If you like to show off your non share-able model feel free to submit it to the favourites category

Our goal for this group is to help people mesh DOA models to share to the community, the model provided here will help you focus on your creation

We provide tutorial and advice if needed

If your model need fixing we'll fix it!

Can't mesh mod, or Contribute? Then feel free to watch us!

Group position is up for grabs! Apply now!

Contributor will have full access to uploading without approval (Only if you port a lot of models)

BIG THANKS to the mesh modder and Porters for there contribution and hard work

Dead or Alive 5 © Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja

XNA Posing Studio 11:

Blender 2.49b…





I am looking for a co-founder that is willing to manage this group page let me know this month before i completely ignore everything that has been build this far.

Members are now automatically approved but please stick to the rules or else ill kick you, that would be determine by what you post in recent weeks.

I am lazy to manage all the new deviant so until i find a co founder just add them to features or work in progress, thanks!
I have added a "DOA5 misc stuff" gallery for random item and stuff from the DOA5 Game.  The other gallery is quite simple to understand, which is mods that are created for the "game".  As you notice some people have used my work to make it a playable outfit in the game, so if have the skills to make any mesh models a working mod in the game feel free to upload them to the gallery for us to enjoy. ;)

Fixed the Naotaro Ii gallery, members can now contribute to that gallery.
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Mature Content

DOA5LR -Nude- Honoka by Irokichigai01
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