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Treasure Map - Devil Island

A Pirates Treasure Map! My daughter came home with a drawing of a map she did at school, it inspired me to help them make a proper looking Pirates treasure map, so this morning I got us pieces of A4 paper, I cut of two corners slightly and cut a small hole in the paper too, then I carefully used a lighter to burn the edges of the whole and the corners of the paper. When the paper was cool I handed my daughters theirs and we screwed up our papers into little balls, we then straightened them out as flat as possible and gently padded used tea bags over both sides of the paper. We left the paper to dry the nwent to work on desiging or made up islands. I used several other home made maps found on here and on goodle images for inspiration and ideas and I helped my daughters with their ideas too. It is great fun to do!
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So cool! I love this.
I think Savage Liz should explore the Island :)
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ps: Give my love to the kids too! X
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So cool matey!
I can see Eve wondering around there fighting with sharks in the waters, killing giant spiders in the Creepy Cove, wrestling pythons between the Fright Forest and the Deathly Bog. All before she gets to the last treasure!
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Then stops to top up her golden tan at the Barakas Beach ;-)
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that's awesome! :D did you do this with your daughter?
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Thanks mate. My two daughters and step daughters did their own, My youngest spent most time on hers over her sisters, she coloured hers in and it is now in a frame :-) It was great fun xx
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