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Irene by IcedWingsArt
Planescape: Torment fanart by petrovi4
The Nameless One by Dreadleft
Baldur's Gate 1
Minyae Beaurin and Edwin Odesseiron by Kapriss-Art
Baldur's Gate Draw the Squad 3 by MishiDraws
Baldur's Gate Draw the Squad 2 by MishiDraws
Baldur's Gate Draw the Squad 1 by MishiDraws
Baldur's Gate 2
Bhaalchild by Arideya
Keldorn and Imoen by Viewty
Bhaalspawn by Arideya
Baldur's Gate II - Kalei by DarkStormSeeker
Baldur's Gate - Comics
Annoy 06 by konratius
Annoy 05 by konratius
Baldurs gate - Shadows of Amn: Imoen's kidnapping. by Bloodrawen
Baldur's Gate 2: Portrait Problem by UltimateEmpress
Baldur's Gate - OCs
Before her journey by mariatresh
Summer has come by mariatresh
Kalei by DarkStormSeeker
Almost Hell by DarkStormSeeker
Chronicles of Mystara
Crassus by Pythagasaurus
Dimsdale by Pythagasaurus
Greldon by Pythagasaurus
Lucia by Pythagasaurus
Icewind Dale
Icewind dale: Scrag Troll by IgorLevchenko
Icewind dale: Human ranger by IgorLevchenko
Icewind dale: freshwater troll by IgorLevchenko
Icewind dale2: half-elf paladin wizard multiclass by IgorLevchenko
Neverwinter Nights 1
Neverwinter Nights - Aribeth de Tylmarande by s0ulafein
NWN: Valsharess by Naihaan
Neverwinter Nights - Valen Shadowbreath by s0ulafein
Valen Shadowbreath 2 by Hyanide
Neverwinter Nights 1 - OCs
Neverwinter Nights - Aylen Redwa by DarkStormSeeker
Neverwinter Nights - Redwa In Cania by DarkStormSeeker
Pale Master and Paladin by Dottore-Ripper
Drow of the Underdark by valeryvy
Neverwinter Nights 2
No sense, no sensibility by SailorLi
NWN 2 Casavir by BlackAssassiN999
Neeshka by AnnetVendhelm
My Hero by Akadio
Neverwinter Nights 2 - Mask of the Betrayer
Gann of Dreams by Hyanide
Neverwinter Nights 2 - Comics
On Complimentary Basis by SailorLi
Neverwinter Nights 2 - OCs
Aura by Arideya
Neverwinter Online
Intruders by vandelia
Planescape Torment
Planescape Torment: Dak'kon by s0ulafein
Vhailor by keel-keel
Memes - Blank
Icewid Dale Group meme blank by Danitheangeldevil
Memes - Filled
Bhaalspawn Evolution Meme - Orla by TariToons
SCL: Illydia by Naihaan



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What can change the nature of a man?

Welcome to DnD-Videogaming!

This group is about collecting and sharing all the fanart from the videogame universe of Dungeons and Dragons.

- Rules -

:bulletgreen: Submit your works to the correct folders. :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Only original art. :bulletgreen:
You must have created the artwork from scratch. That means no tracing,
screenshots, bases, premade 3D models etc. Collaborations are a-okay.

:bulletgreen: We accept fanart of any DnD videogame, not just the :bulletgreen:
ones that already got their own galleries here in the group.
Just submit your work to the Other gallery if it fits in none of the others.

:bulletgreen: Only actual fanart for one of the games. :bulletgreen:
That excludes artworks that simply fit the art style.

:bulletgreen: New galleryfolders will be added as needed. :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: New membership requests get automatically approved. :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Please tell us if you have any questions or suggestions. :bulletgreen:
We are also always looking for admins and other groups to affiliate with :)

Please check out our partner group RPG-Portraits for suitable character portraits.


To all the artists out there:
Liam Esler wants to commission portraits of him and David Gaider in the style of BG2 portraits!
David and Liam have been doing streams of BG2:EE with dev commentary.
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Does anyone want to join a begginer dnd group?
I need 1-2 more players int the age of 13-16. We are playing on saturdays. everytything is free and you don't need to know anything!!!

You do need to add me on skype and make a roll20 account.(also free!!)
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Thats right bitches! Belroar the red is all up in this shizzit! 
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I am honored that this group requests one of my works, I accept.
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Hi! I have something I would like to submit to the Neverwinter Online folder, but I am unable to add anything to that specific location.
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