Hey! So if you've read the group description, then you'll know that this is essentially a creator group. We will create various and exotic creatures for a new world in the fantasy land that is Dungeons aNd Dragons. This will start with the members creating Races that will live within the land. That includes Beasts, Spirits, Civilizations, even new Deities! Once we have a good collection of Species to inhabit it, we will make the land so as to fit the creatures, allowing for a Mysterious and mystical world.
Once Creation is complete, we shall venture into our strange new land, Which shall be Dubbed...


:bulletblack: Various Folders And Their Requirements :bulletblack:

:bulletpurple: Civilized Races :bulletpurple:

In order for a Race to be submitted to this category, it must be a race that can Communicate with other Races. As a civilized race it must have at least one Village that it originates from.These may be the hardest to make, as they will require a Lore behind it. Beyond that, everything else is optional; such as deities, how many legs, eyes, etc.

:bulletblue:  Creatures :bulletblue:

These are the creatures that roam the land, living in the wild or even the lowest parts of a city/village.

:bulletgreen: Spirits :bulletgreen:

These can range far and wide. They can be the spirit of a lost race, or they can be the ghost of the pet buried in your backyard.

:bulletyellow: Deities :bulletyellow:

The Gods that watch over the land. You may make one, or you can make a group of Deities that work together. They are Gods for a reason, so you must give them something they have control over something. If they are a fallen god, or not 100% deity material, but are still worshiped as such, explain why.

:bulletorange: Landscapes :bulletorange:

I want you to give me an Idea of what you want in the land! Let me know what the races built for their God, or what was broken from a deadly battle. Interesting sites to see that set this land apart from the rest of the known world.

:bulletred: Plant Life :bulletred:

There's going to be more than the walkers and the talkers on the land, so we need to give the place some green. They can range from fruit bearing trees to weeds. If you so desire you can make plants that eat other creatures.

:bulletpink: Other :bulletpink:

This is where that stuff I didn't make a Folder for goes, but still goes to the development of the world.

:pointr: Characters :pointl:

This will be where your characters will go. I would rather you wait until the land is made before you made a character, that way you'll have a better idea of what you want to make. Plus you'll have a wide selection of races by then. BUT by all means make your character now if you want to, I can't really stop you from my couch can I?

:star: Fun Art :star:

This is where all the awesome stuff you guys draw will go that's only for fun. Such as drawings of other characters having fun with your characters, fun drawings of yours, cool depictions of possible wars that happened, whatever!

:heart: Feel Free To Ask Anything If You Need Clarification! :heart:
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