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Missing a vowel
The vast majority of works will be of the fanart bent. I started creating fanart at the end of 2008 for enjoyment and practice. (And here comes the obligatory disclaimer: I do not own any of the texts from which my art derives, nor do I stand to gain any profit by doing so.)

Fandoms that I am involved and/or interested in include:

1. ~Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children~ (Mainly the Shinra division, and especially Tseng and Rufus, because bastardry and megalomania go so well with suits.)
2. ~One Piece~ (Sanji and Zoro, because they're a trainwreck that can work lethally well together...when they're not trying to kill each other.)
3. ~Hellsing~ (Integra and Alucard: master and slave, except not really.)
4. ~Seirei no Moribito aka Guardian of the Sacred Spirit~ (primarily Balsa and Tanda, because they're sensible and they're canon and they absolutely deserve each other.)
5. ~Ergo Proxy~ (Re-L and Vincent, because the entirety of the [very good] series is spent setting them up. Also, Daedalus and Raul, which is a whole lot less wholesome on so many levels, and hence delicious.)
6. ~Kuroshitsuji~ (Agni. And Sebastian. But mainly Agni. [Why do I feel as though I'm alone on this one?])
7. ~Sakura Gari~ (Souma and Masataka: one is screwed up [and screwing] the other, who's suffering from stockholm syndrome.)
8. ~Naruto~ (Shikamaru and Temari: the guy has an Oedipus complex like you wouldn't believe. Freud would have a field day.)
9. ~Blade of the Immortal~ (Everyone x everyone. No, seriously. Het, yaoi, yuri. Anything goes in this fandom.)
10. ~Samurai Champloo~ (Mugen, Jin and Fuu in any and every possible permutation/combination. A proper OT3.)

Note: I really doubt that I'll be posting anything explicit here. That said, I should probably warn that a number of these works will have overtones of slash/yaoi/[whatever you'd like to call it]. Femmeslash/yuri hasn't been ruled out either, though it's probably not going to happen anytime soon. If that's not your cup of tea, you might want to hit the back button at the top of your browser.



:iconzosan-club: :iconroronoazoro-club: :icontseng-club: :iconfinal-fantasyviiclub: :iconintegral-fanclub: :iconlily-fc: :iconkuroshitsuji-club: :iconasecretfanbase:
(In no particular order)

:iconlorlandchain: (Vibrant realistic style that still retains a painterly feel)
:iconhoyhoykung: (Breathtaking use of colour and lush compositions.)
:iconkuksi: (Incredibly detailed mixed media sculptures. Macabre and fascinating.)
:iconlimkis: (Combines vivid colours and vector art to create a wonderfully unique style.)
:iconcellar-fcp: (The works in their Prostitute Series - done in a beautiful painterly style - are my favourite to date.)
:icongunnmgally: (An intriguing range of styles. The sequential art is lovely and atmospheric.)
:iconnicemind: (Renders landscapes in watercolour with a great deal of sensitivity and skill)
:iconmoonywolf: (Fairy tale-like atmosphere with just a hint of strangeness)
:iconzain7: (There isn't much here yet, but their grasp on composition and colour is inspiring)
:iconquaedam: (The use of line and flat colours result in works reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period)
:iconfox-orian: (Does wonderful urban landscapes. Their tutorials on perspective are particularly helpful.)


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