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The Boy Who Could Not Find Love
I'm going to tell you the story of a boy who dreamed of love.
Chapter 1
Long ago, this boy had a vision, he dreamt of a beautiful angel, an angel that loved him and he loved her back. Every night he couldn't wait to go sleep and dream about that angel again and how happy he was with her, for when he woke up, he had to deal with the reality.
You see, this boy didn't have friends, he was quirky and weird and no one really wanted to be near him. It was very hard for him to deal with people. Once he thought he had found his angel and he approached her and told her how he felt, in return she shunned him forever and never spoke or looked at him again. The boy could not understand, was it such a wrong thing to try and find love?
The boy met a fox one day and the fox told him tales of loved ones and how good it was, filling the boy with more hope and dreams. The fox told him of a maiden who loved him in secret, the boy’s heart filled with joy, his dreams were about to come true. H
:icondnat3hpanda:DNAt3hPanda 1 3
Lucifer's Story
An old ragged man stands on a box, he rants about the end of the world and the importance of repentance. There's something about this man, his voice is alluring, many people gather around him, listening to his preaches. He threatens them, claiming that their life will end, begging them to repent, to give up their ways. The people keep listening, mostly baffled, amazed and speechless.
One person looks into his eyes and asks:
"Who are you..."
And the man responds:
"I am the fire that scorches without burning..."
With this the man flies into the air and explodes in a white fire that scorches the whole Earth.
Lucifer, the fallen angel, appears near him.
"So you finally did it huh?"
"Ah... The prodigal son returns. Only to judge my acts?"
"You still don't get it, do you? You can't be a tyrannical father."
"Tyrannical father?! I love everything I've ever created, and you are nothing but ingrate!"
"Heh... You really should learn more from your own creations, especially man... Take a look."
:icondnat3hpanda:DNAt3hPanda 2 8
Letter to Santa
Dear Santa
This year I want the same as every year.
Just a bit of happiness.
But since you normally bring me nothing but sorrow and grief,
this year I want nothing instead.
Thank you.
Your's truly,
:icondnat3hpanda:DNAt3hPanda 1 0
Dream Girl
What should I do when it's all over...
There was this girl once
She was made of dreams
Her eyes were like candy
And her voice oh so sweet
A contagious smile
And a lustrous hair
Filled with compassion
Love, warmth and care
Dreams are like bubbles
They pop, you see
Cease to exist
No more for me
I had to wake up
This dream girl is gone
Left is my sorrow
My angst and my sadness
Oh cruel life
Why do you trick me
Fill me with hope
Only to have it flee
My dream girl is no more...
:icondnat3hpanda:DNAt3hPanda 1 1
The Eternal
Dearly beloved,
Long has been since we have parted ways, I miss you every day more.
But such is the way of life, the way it is meant to be.
For you see, as you wither and pass away, I am destined to remain, unchanged, forever more.
I was born ten thousand years ago, I saw the dawn of mankind, of civilization, I saw it evolve, as I saw it perish. Years mean nothing to me for my life is counted on aeons.
As I stand here, the planet you called Earth is long gone, nothing but a barren wasteland, but still a more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunrise but a galaxy rise, a morning filled with four hundred billion suns, and they are rising with the milky way.
I must join my brethren now, to watch over new life, new civilizations.
My dearest Gaia, I bid you farewell.
Yours, now and forever
:icondnat3hpanda:DNAt3hPanda 1 0
Where are you..?
Where have you gone...
              I keep looking and I can't find you...
                                  ...who are you?
                        I feel you... I know I'm missing you...
           but I don't know who or what you are...
:icondnat3hpanda:DNAt3hPanda 2 0
Broken Glass
There's nothing left but dust...
                   The last woman in my life, you see...
                                She wasn't happy with just breaking my heart
:icondnat3hpanda:DNAt3hPanda 1 3
The Ancient Demon
Ancient demon
born from within
caused Man to be banned from Heaven
Lucifer's most loyal servant
From it's mouth comes lies and venom
it's body sleek and extremely corruptive
bleeds for a week and doesn't die
how can you trust such foul creature?
Many man have fallen into it's spell
many broken bounds of brethren
with it's irrational and insane speech
drives man into the abyss
Makes man their pet
destroys his life
crushes his pride
sucks his soul
Beware, a woman approaches
:icondnat3hpanda:DNAt3hPanda 2 8



DNAt3hPanda's Profile Picture
João Carvalho
I'm just an art enthusiast and appreciator. I also have a foul mood.
First off, why can I only write shit when my heart is broken in a million pieces? D: Fuck!
I've been concentrating in other things, mostly writing something completely unrelated to "art". Maybe instead I'll dump some of my old works here, yeah that could be an idea.
Tell me what you think, one guy who actually reads my updates! :D
  • Listening to: Haley Gibby's delicious tunes.
  • Watching: George Carlin Collection
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hg-project Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015   Digital Artist
:party: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! \( ' v ' )/ :party:
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:happybounce: Yay! Thank you! Hug Toy Chica Animation 
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No probs.
hg-project Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013   Digital Artist
Hey Panda!
Thank you so much for your offer to help earlier in the forum post. Sorry I'm too stubborn to accept help but I know you had good intentions. I really appreciate it, man.

(Good luck to you and Zykar with the podcasts if it's still going underway? I'll snoop around from time to time and try to catch up with you two dorks! ^ ^)
DNAt3hPanda Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
:f well that sorta sucks, I was looking forward to it.

Yeah the podcasts keep going but I must admit I'm growing bored of it. We don't seem to have enough people interested, we rarely hit 10 listeners, which is a bit pathetic. And we don't even get feedback on the forum any more.

Also, our audio quality has dropped considerably for no fucking reason, we don't even know what happened but it keeps dropping to the point that people can barely hear me any more.

Furthermore, I've got other things planned like YouTube videos, but we'll see how it goes.
hg-project Featured By Owner May 8, 2013   Digital Artist
It's not pathetic at all? D:
You know what, starting in the summer, I'm gonna make up for the lack of feedback, haha.

I hope you've got that figured out by now? Or have you guys dropped the project altogether?
Also, if it's still ongoing, I dare you to interview Rocketman.

Good luck with those! You can do it! :thumbsup:
DNAt3hPanda Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
I invited Rocketman two weeks ago, but we already had Gafer Tape (Mistare Fusion) lined up, so we interviewed him instead.
Unfortunately, Mixrl did no record that show, so it's lost forever, which is a damned shame cuz it was awesome.
If Rocketman is up to it, we'll interview him next, which will be in three weeks.
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hg-project Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013   Digital Artist
PANDAAAAAAAA I just watched your recentmost podcast

She sounds so cute, ahhh ; A ;
DNAt3hPanda Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
Ahah, she is pretty darn cool, in total we talked for about three hours xD
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