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X-MEN Animated Vol.2 Box Art



Disney just released official product art for the upcoming X-MEN ANIMATED DVD box sets (Volumes 1 and 2), and that means I can finally post my cover for Volume 2!

As you might've guessed, the Phoenix Saga gets started in this volume, hence the prominent placement of Dark Phoenix with other X-men arrayed around her. It's true that Cable, Nightcrawler, and Jubilee don't have a huge role in the actual Phoenix Saga episodes, but hey, they're featured elsewhere on the DVD and that's why they get a place on the cover. :)

You can check out the actual box art complete with logos at the newly updated Amazon listing:


Pencils, inks, and colors: Me.

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Aw, yeah, now with Jubilee ! I was almost her age when the series came about & had a HUGE crush on her ! But not just THIS version (& Allison Court's voice acting !), Jim Lee, Chris Bachalo, Joe Madureira... They all did lovely takes on her as well. And while some say to have been ANNOYED by Jubes (why..? A spunky,sino-american mall rat with wicked firecracker powers ? What's NOT to love ?), practically all of us were bummed about her virtual ABSENCE (or heavy edits) on the X-Movies.