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Osric, the Creation white knight, has a SUPER long glowing sword to rival Cloud Squall's (in the game, it's even longer than what I've got here).  Did a redesign pass on this guy in the concept phase in addition to this illustration.

TOME: Immortal Arena
is a brand-new MOBA title from Kixeye, and it just went live on Steam this week!   Over the past 2 years, I contributed quite a lot of art to the game, first as a concept artist designing the initial batch of characters and, later, as a marketing illustrator responsible for the vast majority of character art you see on the Character Select screen.  Definitely a project that's near and dear to my heart, and hey, it's free to play on Steam right now, so check it out!…

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This looks like a fucking awesome mix of Boba/Jango Fett and a white power ranger. Sick job man.
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Sweet, thanks! :D
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Oh, that's very nice! Clap  :squee-love: - PLZ 
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Sweet--thanks! :D
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Ha ha--totally.  The art lead really wanted a helmet with a T-shaped hole, similar to Boba Fett, so that's what we did.
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hehe it looks awesome though! like if Boba Fett was a League of Legends character!
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Totally.  Medieval Fett.
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This gave me an orgasm...
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Ha ha!!  F*in awesome. :D
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