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MA: Hulk No. 12 Cover

Cover of MARVEL ADVENTURES: HULK #12. In this issue, our hero teams up with the Thing, Juggernaut, and Doc Samson for some good old-fashioned gladitorial smash-iness.

Pencils and Inks: Me
Colors: Guru eFX
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Rape train inc... O_O"
I can't get enough when I see my favorite big guys working together. Hulk, Thing and Juggernaut working together. I love it. apologize for commenting so late.

But awesome with all three men
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I appreciate comments whenever they come in--thanks for yours! :)
I haven't seen such a beautifully massive team up outside of myself of Hulk, Thing and Juggernaut. I'd love to find more team ups of these tremendously built and monumentally powerful men. Including others who are just as big.

You did a magnificent, grateful and encouraging job.
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its times like that you have to accept that you are totally and udderly screwed!
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Seriously. Any one of those guys would be trouble.
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no i mean if you had to fight all four of them.
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I hear ya, but I think you might be screwed against any ONE of them, unless you're Thor maybe. :D
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thor can barely handly Juggernaut let alone hulk, thing and doc samson together.
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See, if THIS was the warbound in Planet Hulk, everyone would be SCREWED by World War Hulk.
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So awesome I actually bought the comics! :) And it's GREAT to see the artworks without the obscuring text of the title page.
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Sweet!! Hope you enjoyed the comics. :)
Lol damn. That place must be pretty strong to contain all those suckers!

Great job, very dynamic.
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Seriously. Who the heck lasts 5 minutes with a team like that?
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I love this take on Thing, David. Great cover.
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Thanks, bro! :)
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lol! *takes a bow*
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whoa! nice perspective! very intense action!
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Wow, this one is your hulk and thing!!
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This is awesome man.
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thats awesome :)
u can post our alice cover now btw.
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Sweet! :D I'll go do that right now.
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