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MA: Hulk 1 page 14

One last Hulk page from issue 1 to share with you--the splash shot in which he breaks free and starts tearing the place up.

Probably my favorite image from the issue.
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Your work has power! You energized Hulk's already angry tirade!
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The Hulk's all about power and anger, and this is the first time we see him transform in the MA:HULK series--so it had to make a statement.
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What a cool dynamic pose. :clap:
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Brilliant!! Now THAT'S the Hulk! :)
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Great job on the expressions--that monkey is ADORABLE!!--and on the Hulk's leg and foot.

By thy side,

ninjacat11's avatar
The shitstorm be on.
MonkiaZ's avatar
Oh noes!

XD Awesome page.
awww. oh well, can't complain. Anyway, great drawing David, plus, whats with the monkey?
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HAHA awesome love the proportions and that sweet "Pat Oliffe" expression!
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I can just imagine everyone crapping themselves as Hulk breaks free, screaming "HULK SMASH!" the whole time ^_^
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Hulk :shakefist: + monkey :neom: = sweet. :excited:
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Awesome! I didn't know those icons even existed! :D
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:nerd: I am here to help in any small way I can. :nod:
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I really love the way you draw. The action you bring to a pic is absolutely awesome!
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So nice of you to say. :D
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Awwww yeah! My fav Marvel character. Hulk looks great. You can feel the rage just spewing out of him.
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The face of the hulk is great , the mouth and nose specially, i dont know why , but thouse parts are the best XD

lots of open mouths = HULK IS FREE
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I wish more artists drew like you. This is detailed, but not too detailed and not too simple. All the shapes feel natural while a lot of artists create work that's flat or extremely angular, which is their prerogative but their styles really distract me from the story. And I can understand what's going on! I have to get a copy of this book ASAP.
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Must.. find.. this comic!!! :steaming:
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What a great pic, GO HULK, GO!
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