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Copter Drone

New drone unit for WAR COMMANDER that shipped as part of the game's Red Swarm event.
EDIT 4-18-13: Someone just pointed out that this piece was featured in DA's Feature article about Drones by :iconistickboy: and :icontechgnotic: : [link] Thanks, guys!

WAR COMMANDER is a top-selling RTS war game from KIXEYE, set in a brutal near-future conflict. Check it out HERE.

More KIXEYE art:
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The schematic made this unit much cooler. I will be adding Wraith Cannons to it soon. ;)
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Awesome drone man!! I see this in a game in the future!
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Thanks! It's in a game right now actually--War Commander. :D
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dang that looks so bad ass
wow, I love the your war commander work !!

And your other stuff to but I play WC so its my favorite.
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Awesome! Always glad to see KIXEYE players here. :)
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this looks like something that would easly come out of terminator furture world.
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Definitely. Even more so before I added the red paint.
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Good point. I designed this back when it didn't have an official name. I'll have to remember to change that. :)
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I love the design of it!
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You're welcome!
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The Reaper Drone... Is my favorite air unit!
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I really admire his work in the design of this unit ...
I expected a "remake" of the original copter drone, and this unit exceeded my expectations! :dummy:
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Well, good! :)
The one beef I have with the design is the way the guns stick out like that; they remind me of appendages rather than weapons. Still a very cool piece of art.
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but will it blend ?
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