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Circle of Thorns



As seen in the pages of PC Gamer magazine and our own Ustream casts, this is the Circle of Thorns concept I created as part of COH FREEDOM.

Whether or not you liked the original version of the group, they had a few artistic issues to overcome, including lowres textures from 2004 and a high degree of repetition among enemy types. And subjectively, they also had a "low-rent" and unthreatening sort of vibe, which might work for a low level villain group but becomes increasingly problematic as one's level goes up.

This new take cast the group as significantly better equipped and more formally dressed. ...and also more dangerous. 'Circle' and 'thorn' motifs abound, and the old burlap/plain cloth has given way to intimidating pointed forms throughout. Luxurious, textural fabrics (patterned snakeskin and dense filigree) befitting a group of high-powered mages help to complete the visual, and we can tell at a glance that the Circle has evolved into a bigger threat.

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With the Circle of Thorns redesign, it was truly the beginning of a revitalization of the world's critters. It was such a drastic change but suddenly they had a thorns motif that suited their name.