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Girls Only - Pokemon

Another collaboration with ViViVooVoo - as usual, Vivi did the lines and I did the colours and background. It was quite the undertaking, but I got there in the end!
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"What in the name of Arceus is this?"

--- Mewtwo, standing in utter confusion ---

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Add Nessa and Sonia to the party, please?

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It’s a little hard to tell who is Cynthia of lusamine

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Cynthia is the one one with black things on both sides of her hair

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Me ( as Lucas gen 4 protagonist ) : sneak sneak ahah puts on a discise

me : ( with a accent ) Ok ladies photo time Click


Me : Open pc : Go all of my Pokémon

Me : Infernape come with me ther rest of you seize all there pokemon ( or kill em ) Oh no where losing them

Cynthia : aha no where to hide you will black out with only one Pokémon weak to almost all mine AHAHAHA

Me : Infernape use grass knot


Cynthia : oh sh*t

Me : the Single handedly beat aron and Bertha and flints rabadash

Averigi Fled

Girls : damn it

Me : Return


i did more work then I needed to

and there that’s a nice photo

psssstt go dialga use roar of time

( time froze )

There lots of pics

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There might be a part 2 stay tuned

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These bikinis highlight their curves perfectly.

Bruh. That’s a good outfit for Elesa.

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Now this is what I call a real Pokémon harem
Apersonwholives's avatar
Fantastic Drawing!
RASP10's avatar
ten buck says that this is a poke-harem.... but a good choice one
Bloom3D's avatar

thats amazing .

i have one problem and that is misty, idk it kinda feel like is ruining the picture
krystalhater's avatar
I would love to strip Clair and Cynthia naked.
*cracks knuckles* What was that?
krystalhater's avatar
I can explain, I prefer Clair naked.
krystalhater's avatar
I want a naked version.
*cracks knuckles* What was that?
AetherCrozma's avatar
My harem life in a picture!
Silverzeldapeachy56's avatar
Beautiful babes ahoy!
FishTrash's avatar
Legs for days!
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