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  • Listening to: Shoji Meguro
  • Reading: Concepts Art books
  • Watching: Haganai (waiting for season 3)
  • Playing: Dragon's Crown
  • Eating: Muffin-shaped Eggs
  • Drinking: Green Matcha Tea
Amazon is a sexy beast. (loving this game!)

Ahhh...I need to work on my getting my lineart better. Maybe I'll fiddle around with Sai. I've heard good things.

  • Listening to: Shoji Meguro
  • Reading: Medaka Box (it ended! ;_;)
  • Watching: Date A Live (funny stuffs)
  • Playing: Vanilla WoW
  • Eating: Veggie Straws
  • Drinking: Green Matcha Tea
So apparently I'm the type that likes to go and hide for a while when I wanna learn/practice a bunch of things. Sadly this doesn't work well when one has so little time to begin with.

Either way like I stated in my last journal roughly a decade ago, I got that sweet Asus EP 121 and it has definitely improved my workflow. I'm whipping that thing out anytime I get more than 30 minutes of down time (that isn't taken up by WoW, Tera, or GW2 >.>; ).

Mostly I've been working on Character reference pages of the important characters from the first chapter of my story world, though I am stopping every now and then to play around with color works.

So here's to progression!

  • Listening to: Mega Man X: Maverick Rising
  • Reading: GA:
  • Watching: Trinity Blood (again)
  • Playing: GW2
  • Eating: Greek Yogurt
  • Drinking: Green Tea (amuricanized!)
So yeah, upgraded from the Lenovo media tablet to the full-fledged Asus EP121. And I have to say, I'm LOVING having my full SBP and PSCS3 back. Been playing around with designs on it as well as customizing and haven't run into any major bumps. So "squee!"

That is all!
  • Listening to: Chrono Trigger OST
  • Reading: my work schedule
  • Watching: Ben-To
  • Playing: Beta tests of Tera online
  • Eating: Homemade ramen bowls
  • Drinking: Tasty Tasty Water
So I recently got a lenovo Thinkpad Tablet to speed up my drawing process. You know; cut out the traditional drawing and scanning. I have to say that I am thoroughly pleased with the capabilities of this little device in combination with Sketchbook pro for android. I'm still stumbling my way through coloring, but it's coming along. My biggest concern, however, is the low resolution when I try to transfer my files into my main coloring program on my computer (photoshop cs3). If anyone has any tips, please feel free to let me know! :3

PS: I'll post some examples really soon!
  • Listening to: Chrono Trigger OST
  • Reading: my work schedule
  • Watching: iCarly
  • Playing: Infamous 2
  • Eating: rice snacks
  • Drinking: Sun Drop
I'd just like to say,


that is all.
  • Listening to: The 3rd Birthday OST
  • Reading: PS Pattern guides
  • Watching: Infinite Stratos
  • Playing: Dragon Age
  • Eating: Restraint in pizza form
  • Drinking: Liquified Patience
Slowly but surely I'm crafting a digital style all my own. I think I've got a handle on a technique that suits me and can speed up my whole art process. Now all that's left is to polish it a bit more.

Prinnys rule dood!

  • Listening to: Instrumental shuffle on my Ipod Touch
  • Reading: WLP comics
  • Watching: Slayers Next
  • Playing: MHFU (killin dragons yo!)
  • Eating: Homemade pizza bread
  • Drinking: Fruit2O
...and I come bearing the gift of skillz! Gawd, has it really been over a year since I posted one of these? Oh well. I finally gathered up some new art techs (not to mention a shiney new Intuos 3 tablet) and have been practicing on implementing them. I've got a lot of art to make for a convention later this year, so I'm using that fact to drive me to realms beyond my comprehension. If anyone still reads these things, wish me luck!

PS: If this journal doesn't make much sense, it's cause I just got off of work and I'm about five seconds from crashing...
  • Listening to: Bigger shuffle on my ipod
  • Reading: Girls Saurus
  • Watching: Godannar
  • Playing: Prinny: Can I really be the Hero?
  • Eating: Jerky (mmm, protein)
  • Drinking: Water Additives (mmm, water)
Time always seems to zip past when you're busy. Finally starting to manage my time properly so I can fit my first love back into my schedule. It's taking some time since I'm teaching myself a few new programs, so bear with me; eventually, I'll get back up to making color images.

  • Listening to: Huge shuffle on my ipod
  • Reading: Mamotte Shugogetten
  • Watching: D-Gray Man
  • Playing: Monster Hunter Freedom 2
  • Eating: corn dogs
  • Drinking: sweet tea
As you can probbly tell by now, I finally pulled my old webcomic "Mistic High" off of hiatus, at least until I finish the current story arc. Then I may implement a new one. Who knows? The main point about this journal is to say I'm back, so get used to it! XD

By the by, still don't really like the regularity of journals... >.>
  • Listening to: Tenacious D
  • Reading: Kurohime
  • Watching: Lucky Star
  • Playing: Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
  • Eating: cereal
  • Drinking: milk (from the cereal)
I'm off today, so I actually have the chance to work on some art! I'm churning out my t-shirt designs for next year's con, and hope to work on some more goodies while I have the time!

That's all for now!