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The First Three Pages Pitch - LIVEWIRE :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 2
Mature content
Regyna - Issue Two, Part One (Draft Version) :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
Mature content
Regyna - Issue One, Part Two (Draft Version) :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
Mature content
Regyna - Issue One, Part One (Draft Version) :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 1 0
Mature content
She-Wolves - Segue 1... :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
Just Married - Part 1 (continued)...
The scene reopens on deep, dark night. Uninhibited by light pollution, the Milky Way spills across the heavens like a glittering slick of white diamonds. A great expanse of desert badland elides away in every direction; dotted with sagebrush, rocks, distant mountains and a star-freckled sky. A coyote skips its way through the landscape, looking for a gone-midnight snack.
9 miles outside Elko, Nevada...
The coyote turns its head, ears pricked up at a noise drawing his attention. Looking towards the sound, the mortified animal is bathed in light, the sound growing ever louder.

Harley and Ivy's getaway plane screams out of the sky towards the helpless beast. Perhaps with no understanding of what it is seeing, just visible though the cockpit windows are an equally helpless pair of women; Ivy has a hold on Harley's neck and is trying to throttle her, Harley just looks like she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.

:icondmofosho:Dmofosho 3 0
'Just Married' - Part 1...
EPISODE 1 - The Morning After the Wedding Before...

Someplace, sometime...
It's daylight somewhere; sharp, hot sunlight cuts the scene into a mixture of deep shadows and painful amber sun. In shafts, they highlight a scene of absolute chaos. Objects appear in fragments, like photographs at a crime scene, with the same kind of slightly-shocking resolution of a corpse in the dark caught in a camera's flash. A shattered tv set is slumped against a sofa missing a couple of cushions, its screen obliterated and glass scattered around it like cracked quartz blood. A grizzly bear - something that wouldn't look out of place in a hunting lodge - its taxidermy face frozen in a roar, leans drunkenly against a wall with an empty scotch bottle in its yellowing teeth and a cowboy hat on its head. A pile of a dozen or so fresh grapefruit sit arranged into a pyramid like a stack of cannonballs on top of a cracked glass coffee table. E
:icondmofosho:Dmofosho 3 0
Mature content
She-Wolves of Planet Perdition - Super-Rough Pt. 2 :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
Mature content
She-Wolves Super-Rough Pt.1 (cont.) :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
Mature content
She-Wolves of Planet Perdition - Super-Rough Pt. 1 :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
Mature content
She-Wolves - Super Rough Opening Scene! :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
She-Wolves of Planet Perdition - Main Characters
Bunny - the little girl lost
Basic elements: Female, visually in her mid 20's, very long straight dark hair, slender build (not so much skinny as just physically weak). Wears her hair in a long braid that she pins up in a coil on the back of her scalp (the pin is an improvised prison shank). She has big deer-in-headlights eyes, and carries herself in a less than confident manner. Loud noises make her jump. She is not cut out for prison... at all.
Distinguishing elements: Bunny's main costume is a sort of flight suit, with strapped-on light armour plates on her shoulders, torso and thighs. The plates do not all match, being scavenged, but are all products of the same design ethic. The one detail that stands out the most about Bunny is a strange interface socket in the back of her neck, just at the base of her skull; three small circles, forming an inverted triangle. When in the field she usuall
:icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
Panelplay: The Bride - Book One, Pages 1-12
The Bride
Book One - Woman Born of Man

WP (Wide Panel) A simple, pure white panel.
BOXOUT TEXT “The Arctic Circle. 1814.”
V/O (Voiceover)
So cold. Nothing but this cold. No escape from it.
WP. Slightly more resolution to the whiteness now - we can see texture in it, along with a deep, almost detail-free depression into the blank field; a footprint in deep, crisp snow.
No escape from anything this far north. Greenland months behind me I think. Or it feels like months.
The Pole must be close.
WP again. This time the single footprint has become a trail of prints, stumbling through the snowfield. We can see a tiny, distant figure creating them as he staggers away from the reader.

I cannot hide from the fact I am lost. The last of my supplies gone… maybe two days ago.
Sun never sets. Time is becoming meaningless. Does not
:icondmofosho:Dmofosho 0 0
Mature content
Wonder Woman - The First Amazon: Two :icondmofosho:Dmofosho 1 7
Wonder Woman - The First Amazon: One
2013 AD
"Right! Move your hands like you have a purpose, sisters!"
Pythia clapped her knuckles against her palm for emphasis. The encouraging words were met with low mutters and epithets; while her crew were not normally so surly, the noon sun was especially hot and made even the easiest task a trial. Pythia was confident they would be ready for the inspection later in the day despite tempers becoming understandably frayed. Her boatbuilders were yet to disappoint Phillipus or the Queen, so she let the backchat slide.
The drydock, set to one side of the main harbour, was a hive of activity. Within it lay one of Themyscira's triremes, General Phillipus's own ship, the Harpy. Pythia's crew were replacing planks in one side of the hull after it had been holed above the waterline after an accidental collision with a particularly combative sea creature. One of Poseidon's great leviathans had taken task with the Harpy moving through its territory and had rammed
:icondmofosho:Dmofosho 2 1
Wonder Woman - The First Amazon: Prologue
It was said that the Gods first came to humanity from beyond the realm of Man. From lands unknown, or from the very stars themselves - who can say? All that is acknowledged is that they descended to us; came down to the level of Humankind, to change, sculpt, mould, command and rule over...  a world to create or destroy. Something they did, it should be said, in equal measure, as befits the very name 'God.'
Some called them cruel, capricious, evil - a curse on Mankind that toyed with humanity for their sport. Others thought them a blessing, worshipped and loved them for their gifts, their many lessons, and their aid when it was seen fit to give. All that could be agreed upon is there were twelve of them; twelve who had stolen the power of their mighty father, Cronus, and chose to forge a realm for themselves. All contesting with one another for the highest power of all - the Throne of the Gods. The seat of Zeus himself.
They were the Olympians, and this world sti
:icondmofosho:Dmofosho 1 2


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D'Mo (fo sho)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
"It's a leotard! A delicious, banana-flavoured leotard!"

Not much to say... thirtysomething comic book fan, sci-fi nut and horror enthusiast. Long background in art, history and creative writing, never really done anything significant with it outside of university and college, not entertaining aspirations of making comics that someone other than myself might actually enjoy reading.

Seeking like-minds and collaborators for comic-related projects, either web-based or traditional publication.
I know you don't care, and I'm pretty certain you'll never, ever see this, but hey, I'm getting this out because I feel like I have to exhale today or I'll just explode.

So I'm drifting around the internet and I find Rich Johnston musing on Rebirth Harley Quinn and how (at least in his perception) Poison Ivy might be about to break up with her. I know, it's Rich Johnston; listening to him is like listening to Jim Jones most of the time ("Here, drink the Kool Aid.") but still... fucker just put the cherry on my fucking day.

The thing is... I can see it happening.

Why do you say that, you say to me DC. Well, for a start, you're spineless. I know, I say that a lot, but let's face facts - as an entity you lack the spine or the balls to have a massively popular queer character. The hetero norm beckons, and everyone knows to your average teenage boy/thirtysomething manchild, bisexuality doesn't count where women are concerned. It's sexy for them to be with another girl, provided they come back to the straight edge of the crease.

Then there's the female fanbase. Lots of women and girls love Harley Quinn. Who gets cosplayed the most at conventions? Guess who? Guess whose new healthy relationship is embraced wholeheartedly by the female readers? No prizes there. You are though, and always will be, a boy's club. A treehouse with a "no girls" sign on it... I wish I could understand why you give so few fucks about female readers or female reader's opinions... I want to meet the women that hammered you guys flat to make you so bitter - if they're not Mrs Bates-level of mean, I'm gonna be way disappointed.

Also, for a company that's fucking obsessive about your big "mythic" events that "completely change" the status quo... you love the status quo. If you can find a way to roll it back to just what it was when it was selling big before you saw the numbers slipping and thought a huge multi-title crossover arc would fix the problem, you always do it. The more things change, the more they stay the same. So backing off the great work that's been done by Palmiotti and Conner... it's very you. And I trust you to flinch in the face of criticism from the loud (largely male) opinions out there, because you always do it. I know you very well. Much like with Harley herself, I recognise the smile of a man saying he's different, he's changed, he'll not hurt me again. But here we are, going through the motions, living in the moment before that balled-up fist hits me in the face.

Part of me wants to beg - please don't take away the one thing, the single fucking thing, that I like about your books. Hell, about pretty much all of your fictional universe (which I think is easily the biggest embarassment of riches compared to the 'meh' I see in Marvel, but all you do is squander it like an alcoholic junkie with a gambling addiction on payday) is wasted on me, so I'm certain you won't miss me at all, but it's the one joy in your titles. The one speck of hope I have. The last candle in oblivion. It would be just like you to do it...

Part of me though... part of me says do it. Why? Because then I will be so pissed off, I can finally muster the strength to be done with you. I can wipe the blood from my nose, pack my bags, and for the very last time walk out that fucking door and this time NOT come back. Just like my 'not one more penny' promise about BioWare. Those bastards broke my fucking heart, and I will never cough up for one of their games again. Hell, I wouldn't even play a free one on principle. And as much as Jimmy and Amanda's current work gives me the strength to keep reading, a little sliver of me would love to no longer live in fear of the slap, the kick, the push down the stairs I know is coming.

So go on. Do it. Pull the trigger. Break my heart all over again. Because I don't trust you to let me be happy in the largely joyless, heteronormative, boring-as-fuck-seen-it-all-before world of DC Comics.

Mic. Dropped.
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