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Hello, I've tried translating another Vocaloid song sung by GUMI. Please enjoy :)


星の唄 (Song of the Stars)

Music and Lyrics by buzzG
Sung by GUMI
Source: 初音ミク Wiki
Posted on ニコニコ動画 (niconicodouga): 3rd January 2011, 9:48pm

Music Video: ニコニコ動画, YouTube

Official website:

Other song cover by らむだーじゃん & 少年T featuring スズム (Ramudaajan & ShounenT featuring Suzumu): ニコニコ動画, YouTube


From the direction of a certain planet,
a comet passes overhead
Like a child that likes to play pranks
it softly strokes my back   

I want to go to you, I can't go to you;
because just staring isn't enough
It's as if you know of neither conflict nor lies
I want to meet you

Magnificent like a jewel,
the gods have dropped you into the universe
The things that we had desired for
is on that planet, right?

Amongst all the celestial bodies
you shine the most remarkably
I don't want to say that
'You're too late' after I begin to understand you

In truth, I always knew that
conflict and lies can never die out
I want to believe in you, I can't believe in you;
because it's as if you're going to lay waste to everything in an instant

With my surface blanketed in craters,
how do I look to you?

I don't have any great expectations, but
as long as you're here, I'm happy with just that
Even if a hundred years pass by, I wish
that these feelings will never change

It's the reason why I raise my voice

Magnificent like a jewel
I can see you as if you were an elliptical thought
The song of a star - that's your song  
It reverberates throughout that world, hey


Translation/Background Information:

This English translation is based on the theory that this is a love song written from the perspective of the moon to a nearby passing comet.

The word 星 is used as a noun that generally refers to both stars and planets, but not the sun and the moon. Therefore the title of this song can also be translated as 'Song of the Planets'.

Pertaining to the sentences: "I want to go to you, I can't go to you;" and "I want to believe in you, I can't believe in you;" 'you' has been added in to provide clarity and create a more fluent sounding English translation.

The word いびつ is used to describe something that is 'oval' or 'distorted' in shape. The word 'elliptical' was chosen because it is both a perfect and imperfect circle, depending on the viewer's perspective – an underlying theme of this song.
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Hello, um, I wanted to help out a bit and used ur lyrics in the volcaloid wiki (…) along with a few changes from me, of course I credited you. I hope you're okay with it!