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So for my job they requested me to take a code class for 3 months I was told it would be once every 2 weeks for 3 months but INSTEAD Its going to be every tues and thrusday for 3 months sooo sense I'll be out doing that I wont have time or be too tired to draw so what I want to do is get some suggestions (NOT REQUESTS) so I got something to doodle and post it. if you have asked for a request that will be on the list too. I have a journal describing rules and you can comment a suggestion on this journal till june/julyish then I should be back to normal :D 
Lets draw guys and or gals.. idk comment what I should draw or note me if its more private I know I got older requests I'm trying to handle those but I've been trying to get drawings done in bulk to I can upload a lot and not one at a time, read the other journal for the rules of what I'm willing to draw.
So after some thought I decided to open up requests again. noticed I got 631 watchers holy cow that's a lot of eyes on my doodles. So I'm giving a chance to have new eyes get a request and to those who saw me not only from the beginning but also watch my drawings improve, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Now I'm going to list off rules for requesting a drawing from me, so I present the rules! RULE 1. Please be descriptive in your request. if its vague and I draw and you don't like it, its not my fault. side note don't be too descriptive to where I need my reading glasses jk I don't wear any. RULE 2. I'm don't draw bellies a whole lot I'm not use to it BUT I am open to it. If I'm in the mood to draw it I will decline the request, not pin it for later so I can be bugged now and then. RULE 3. Will not draw gruesome or gory things my doodles are sexy oc, cartoon, and anime babes mixed lol
Other then that comment a request or send a note to if its private. SOME OLD REQUESTS WILL STILL BE DONE so don't worry. relax. Also PLEASE GIVE ME TIME I have outside work that tends to get demanding so please understand. THANKS!    
Okay so a few close friends and family know this story so a while back at work I was working really far out in the desert doing a water line and right after lunch a little kitten was in the trench. he leaped and ran off, confused I went back to work to realize that there was meowing coming from the work truck. the small kitten climbed up and went to the back of the engine to cool off. my helper and I pulled apart a framed and pulled him and let sit in the truck with AC and water while we worked. my helper took him a no kill cat shelter and tonight found out he got a new forever home! this little kitten has made my night and I feel so happy to save an animal from the desert heat and my helper help him get a home!! 
Hello everyone from Chicago! I'm pretty bored so I just wanted to say hi to everyone :) :D 
So I figure I might put this out there to let everyone, or those who care, know where ive been and not have done requests because I'm lazy . derp. no whats been going on is that soon I am going on a family trip to and I've been working my ass off to get money for the trip I made $1,000 last weekend so I'm good to go on my part but damn am I beat from working. plus my car has taken a dump so I'm forced to take my work truck home WHICH HAS ALSO TAKEN A DUMP! sooo I have been putting time and money there as well in short for here is that I have been working a lot to pay for expenses that need to be addressed, that's why i'll draw once then like leave for weeks plus, if I'm honest with myself sometimes I think my drawings suck and that they'll ever be good or what I want them to be sooo yeah anyway I'm sorry for not always doodling I try to do everyones request but life gets in the way..
I've done nsfw drawings before and don't mind them at all. though those drawings are from close friends so if you have a nsfw request note me or comment! also be tame... don't ask for something crazy or weird, we can talk bout it in the notes!
Hello my good friends I'm back from Chicago but it doesn't matter cuz I don't post daily DUH! anywho lets do another lets draw! if I'm going to check mah notes for old requests so I wont forget some! comment your suggestion! if you have a request comment below or send me a note! :) :D
after my sister shipped out and working a lot its time for me to get back into drawing! :D so lets have another lets draw if youre new the rules are simple, just comments below on what I should draw. it can be a recommendation or a request, if its private send me a note! I'm off to work so when I get home ill start doodling :)
its been a while sense I done a lets draw so lets draw, I'm also thinking of doing a ask a OC of mine (megan, eve, and Cassidy) anything or Amy, rouge or what nots idk but comments one what you think I should draw. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST JOURNAL so pls don't bring up old requests I may have forgotten. so lets draw!
my friends are doing voice requests the journal is by sonicdude645 and this is my  piece :D

friends are Doing Voice Requests!!!
by Sonicdude645, 4 hours and 49 minutes ago
Journals / Personal
Ever wanted to hear Rouge and Amy argue over Sonic? Peach talk about how sexy her booty is? Perhaps Sonic saying he loves Amy? 

Well now you can, thanks to the same people known as SuperShadic X250!…;

On their channel, they make comic dubs of Sonic, Gravity Falls, Undertale, and more. They don't do suggestive comics anymore, but now they're doing voice requests! So, you can email them the line and voice you wanted them to say, no matter how dirty or NSFW!

Where will you hear your lines you make ask? Well you can go over to their soundcloud and hear your lines being said. Luckily, they won't say who requested the lines, making you anonymous. So that way you won't feel embarrassed. So go crazy, and have fun!

Voices Shadow50(Girl) can do:
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Tamora Calhoun (Wreck-It Ralph)
Jasmine (Aladdin)
Perdita “Perdy” (101 Dalmatians)
Nala (The Lion King)
Blaze the Cat
Amy Rose
Rouge the Bat
Sally Acorn
Bunnie Rabbot
Princess Peach
Princess Daisy
Tracy Torpedos
Jessica Rabbit
Carmelita Fox
Lady Palutina
Minnie Mouse
Mabel (Gravity Falls)
Pacifica (Gravity Falls)
Young Children
Pearl (Steven Universe)
Garnet (Steven Universe)
Amethyst (Steven Universe)
Peridot (Steven Universe)
Lapis (Steven Universe)
Voices SuperSonicX5(Boy) can do: 
Sonic the Hedgehog
Dr. Eggman
Knuckles the Echidna
Shadow the Hedgehog
Dipper (Gravity Falls) 
Grunkle Stan (Gravity Falls)
Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)
Mickey Mouse
Male Mettaton
Joker (Batman)
Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)
Wander (Wander Over Yonder)
Mr. Peepers
Freddy Fazbear
Bonnie Bunnie
Foxy Pirate
Murray (Sly Cooper)
To my love..

    To the one who shines may day to the one I love everyday. to the only one who makes me high, to the one who sees me cry. for which I want to tell you now, I will always love you then and now. though I forget everything and you may find be so annoying. you find it in your heart to forgive. so I write how much you mean to me. I know I sleep a lot and enough for both of us. I want to tell you. I love you no matter what. a long time has passed between us and though this may not be my best I will sure try to be, I want to say I love you so much, my love.

 Happy Anniversary!

pretty bored so comment on what I should draw :) I wont draw what I know that what is previously requested
a request I got for this :) ;)…
sooo I did two nsfw drawings of megan and eve ;) here are the links……
does anyone know where I can get a good drawing pad for under $150?
comment on what I should draw while I'm away from my laptop
*note* this is not a request journal.
I was thinking of special to do so I came up with this, comment your OC and I will try to include them in this drawing. sorry to halt other requests but this just popped up to me.
comment your suggestions :)
same rules, comment on what I should draw, note I already have other drawing suggestions from the last one I still may do. comment and now I will do SOME NSFW drawings, if yall are interested, if not oh well its there. and I say some cause I wont do too hardcore things