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Mirage (Dino) papercraft Download

Finally, my work on this project is completed. I spent a year and a half to develope and built this model and I am not disappointed with the result. Today it is the most difficult of my papercrafts. Thanks to everyone who watched my work and supported me! Have fun, dudes! And if you like this papercraft, please, share it with your friends.

Technical data:

Difficulty: almost impossible
Pages: 105
Objects: 220
Parts of template: 1268
Size (H/W/D): 546/432/294 mm
Time to assemble: 200+ hrs

Some assembling advices:

1. Begin to build model with the head. This is the hardest part and it is great to test your skills. If you'll build the head - you build all the rest.
2. The torso, as well as all the joints should be made of 160-180 paper.  Use a thin 80 paper only for the most complex parts.
3. Attach the foots to the shins at the very end of assembling to catch the model balance point.
4. Use simple matte (drawing and office) paper and ink-jet printer,after finishing cover model with clear acrylic lacquer.
5. Enforcements are strongly recommended.

Update 1: minor fixes in parts 3, 7, 8.
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Joli création

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Holy hell, this thing is a beast of an artwork!


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What kind of paper did you use?

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Mostly 160-180 paper for bigger parts and usual office 80 paper for smallest

Hi dmitry280 i can't see the download links, can you say me how to download it?

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you could add at the download how to assemble to parts or the Mirage done complete?
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Hi! This model is for advanced-level modellers only. It's necessary to have enough experience in crafting with pepakura to understanding the process and logic of assembling. Theoreticaly I could make the step by step manual, but it would take me A LOT of time and actually I'm not interested in this project anymore. Good luck!
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Hi, dmitry. I really interested to build your mirage papermodel.
Is it has moveable joint? 
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Hi! It is has partially movable joints in neck, shoulders and elbows. Good luck!
Why I don't see numbers of the parts? It's unbuiltable without knowing what is what. Also the instruction is very low detailed. I can't finish head... I built Bumblebee 1250 parts, Optimus prime from AOE, Unicorn Gundam, Iron Patriot and I'm about to end soon Gundam Sword Impulse. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with Pepakura?
I'd like to make it the same color you made. If you still have a revised color file, can you share it with me? I want a strong red color.
I really want to try and make your own. Happy New Year.
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Sorry, it was printed long-long time ago with my previous old hp printer and laptop... So I dont have that settings file now.
Hi, when i printed the model (the head first) the color (specially: red) are more different than your model, i see the color red lighter in your model than de pdo pages. You have painted it again, or is a printer configuration? you can tell me how? please. 
I really want to make this model :)
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Hi! The reason of difference in colors is my cheap ink-jet printer and cheap inks I used to print the templates. I had to adjust colors manualy for better performance, but the colors attached to pdo-files are original colors from videogame and so they fit better to Dino. If I had to build it again I’d definately used them. Good luck!
I get it, than k you. Would it be recommendable to paint it again or only with the current color?
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Well, the red parts will loose the original scratches by painting, others may loose multiple details. You may paint red parts if you wish to see brand new, unused Dino without battle demages)) I guess it willl look cool anyway.
Cool, i will meditate on it, but I will build it anyway. 
I hope to finish it and show you the final result, hopefully jjajaja
Thanks a lot. :D
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really fantastic model!!

what is the program ???, i cant open files dop whit fileviewpro gold edition program.

best regards 
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Hi, use Pepakura viewer to open model files. It's free to download.
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