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Pink and Yellow Fields
A tribute to the exoplanets of Gliese 581, a red dwarf star system 20.5 light-years away, with four known planets, including the first known rocky worlds found in a star's habitable zone.

By Dennis M. Falk
8 March 2010
I stand in your pink and yellow fields
Under a pinkish-blue sky
Of your long midday

My feet feel heavy
For your bigger world
And warm red sun

I follow your crystalline river
Shade under black and brown trees
Taste your sweet fruit

Far away but nearby
First habitable worlds
So close!

Red, pink, orange, yellow, brown and black
But no green

The air I breathe
Thick, warm, heavy
But not uncomfortable

Many animals
Flying, running, swimming

Bright, furry creatures
Big eyes

I stand in your pink and yellow fields
And I call your worlds
Earth's sisters
I'm a dreamer, utterly fascinated with exoplanets. With the Gliese (pronounced GLEE-zeh) 581 planetary system, and the first worlds to be potentially habitable by Earth standards, I was inspired to write this poem. This could be planets C or D, as B is too big and E is too close to its mother star, a red dwarf about one tenth the size of the Sun. The furthest out is not moch farther than Mercury is to our Sun, yet it (D) and C are both in the habitable zone, with only 5-7x the mass of the Earth, and if proven to be rocky like the Earth, about 1.3-1.5x the diameter of our home planet. ...So one would feel a bit heavy walking on either, under a pinkish sky, in sunlight that gives everything a bit of a rosy tint during its long days. :)
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I'm sure Gliese is teeming with lifeforms that we can't even imagine right now. Here's hoping the James Webb provides some good images of it when it goes online in three years.
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Oh, I'm really looking forward to JWST going up! Thanks for commenting! :)

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Glad you like. :)

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Beautiful job there.

Long time no see, friend! :D
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