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Hey guys, just wanted to say I'm always looking for some 2D FX jobs!  Drop me a PM or (email at info [at] dylanmeville [dot] com) and I'll give you a quote! 

Check out the gallery below to see some examples of my work :)…
So I'm gunna livestream a bunch, to document this process of me 3ding.  HEY I'M LIVE RIGHT NOW COME JOIN!?!

I'm zbrushing right now, and I have no idea what I'm doing.

practice practice practice
Long time no see.   This is probably a long overdue entry, but I got busy. :D


I used to have an account here years ago.  Then I forgot about it and wasn't really doing much illustration stuff.   I don't remember that account name.
I came back and made a new account, then after about a year, forgot that account name too.
Now I have this account, and I don't think I'll forget this account name :P


I'm planning on doing a sketch every day or so, so there should be a lot of stuff coming soon.
I've always wanted to get better at digital painting, but I've never really had the time between working Flash/Game Dev stuff, but I'm gunna try and make some time for this now!

That is, if I don't get overwhelmed with freelance work. Dx