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Chowder Parody

:XD::XD::XD::XD::XD::XD:!!!What drove me to draw this I don't know!!!

I was watching the Chowder Christmas Special and I thought it would kinda be a good try to draw it out,then I wanted to do it as a DMC WWE and AS crossover,and I'm sooooooo glad I did it!!!!

Dante:*ripping up the Afro in the Shower pic*
Jeff:*running around,screaming and crying* MY EYES ARE STILL BLEEDING!!!!
Afro:*still dead*
Me:*laughing my butt off*
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me:*holding blueprints* I did my job, so wheres the $10 bucks?
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LOL got to love chowder XDDDDD
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Is Afro going to be o.k.?
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I think so...I'm more worried about Jeff
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yeah I'm worried too
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Jeff:*still screaming and crying*
Me::iconfacepalmplz:U go see if Afro's okay,I'm gonna go and help Jeff *walks over to Jeff*
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Me: *walks over to Afro* are you o.k.?
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Afro:*still unconcious*
Me:*somewhere with Jeff*Jeff get over here
Jeff:*stopped screaming,but still crying*
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I know,I think Jeff is still scarred

Jeff:*has cloth over his eyes* I am...
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Me:It wasn't that bad Jeff...
Jeff:Yes it was! It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen!!
Me:*sighs* I wonder if Afro is still dead
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hahaha poor boys
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I know,I just luv that I did this!!
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