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The Day of the Doctor: The Three Doctors

By dmbarnham
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"Nothing is impossible; if you find yourself in a situation of increasing difficulty just add an extra Doctor!"

*** And I'd like to thank countless DA artists, it is your work that makes my own better with every attempt. So thank you.

Coloured ... that didn't take as long as I thought it would and I can't believe how well it came out :) Pretty stoked.

Feel free to use this, but please keep my name on it and if you share please link to either my DA account, or my facebook Fan page:… --- thank you very much

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"Put those down, their scientific entrustments not water pistols!"
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Like you, I was convinced he was going to be really depressed, but he did such  a wonderful job.  I love the out take where he, David and Matt are walking along, and David and Matt are being their usual silly selves, and he's like "They haven't taken a breath since Richmond!"  He was just so good.
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I love how the War Doctor was hyped up to be dark and mysterious, but then John Hurt could still make his Doctor silly as ever.
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SAME! I was expecting an evil doctor. So much of this episode is NOT what I expected, and I think that's why I loved it so much.

I'm glad the War Doctor was no different from the others, just in an extremely difficult situation.
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Even in his darkest form, the Doctor is still just a grown up child lol.

I have a half-assed theory that can help explain the War Doctor but still keep the main lifespan of the Doctor so far. On the planet 8 crashed on, they said Timelord science is accelerated there. So going with that, maybe the War Doctor is like a pause in his regeneratio cycle. Like, 8 would have turned into Chris' 9 normally, but for the purpose of the Time War they made him a side-regen so he could fight. but like, it would be on a time limit. Only effective while the Time War raged on. So when all of the Doctor's saved Gallifrey and the war ended in a better way, the War Doctor's time was finally up and his regeneration cycle got back on track. So he would technically be 8.5
Because also Capaldi is still 12 and that means we still get at least one more Doctor after Capaldi.
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I like your thought process, and I considered that too. They were able to cause a regeneration that was needed to fight, so why not make it a bonus one?.

There are quite a few paths they can take to extend his lives. From River Song to the return of Gallifrey. I am a tradiationlist, I don't really like going past the 12 regenerations, BUT I don't mind the idea of extra lives given (within some reasonable law) ***BUT*** (again) I also don't like the idea of the Doctor going on continuously. That will kill it eventually and take away the magic. (as an old school fan I always hoped they would eventually bring it back so he could live out the rest of his lives,I am so glad they did) --- what I hope will happen is that he eventually dies for good (I know it will be a sad day) and someone else will take his place. Someone just as amazing and awesome, my main thoughts are a revived River Song or Susan his grand daughter. --- with the return of Gallifrey this is possible, but even before that it was possible in a limited sense (River Song and his daughter, or maybe a hidden Time Lord.)

The only thing we can do as viewers is sit back and enjoy the ride, (and hopefully it remains awesome forever)
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Indeed, I would love for the Doctor to get some extra lives but it needs to be realistic inside the canon of Doctor Who. And yes this does led up to 12 possibly freeing and saving Gallifrey. I would love to see Capaldi's Doctor have to deal with Timelords.

Ah yes, the thing with River Song. I find that a baby being born turns it into a Time Tot is a bit rushed. The TARDIS may have ultimate power, but it doesn't have Timelord DNA to just hand out. But w/e, that left it open for the Doctor to just regenerate again after the 13th since she gave him the rest of her regenerations (which would be what, 9 or 10 more?). But then there's the thing where the Timelords gave the Master extra regenerations when they resurrected him for the Time War, so I can see Moffat writing in that Gallifrey is saved, and to be thankful they give the Doctor some spare regenerations ( I REALLY hope Moffat is done after Series 8. Give the reigns over, for fuck's sake). I do hope that The Woman from the End of Time is an older and regenerated Susan. It would be the MOST emotional moment for the Doctor to reunite with his grand daughter. Because we all know, that the evnitable end of Doctor Who will be the saddest moment in television history...the final Doctor, having saved the universe for good, finally rests for the last time.

Unfortunately, even if Gallifrey returns, the Master can't. He used up his life force killing Rasilon and sending Gallifrey back into the Time Lock. but somehow I don't put it past Moffat to think up some shitty half-assed excuse to bring him back. As long as they show John Sims regenerating, then I'm okay with the Master returning.
They should also have the return of the Rani.
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To be perfectly honest, I don't understand all the Moffat hate, and I find it rather sad that everyone is resorting to it. I certainly have been frustrated with him on occasions ... and I nearly hated him after what he did to series 6 (it is what we in Australia call "American Who") --- but I still think he is far superior to RTD.

The Russel Era has some greatness: he revamped the show, you can never get annoyed with that! His era had the best single episodes (though most of the REALLY good ones were written by either Moffat or Gatiss, plus a few from Russell) My problem with Russell is that he always seemed to be too short sighted for Doctor Who. I HATED SO MUCH that he always seem to resort to insane profits/psychics to continue on a story arc (or wrap it up), it is lazy and unimaginative writing and always annoyed me. 
But the biggest thing that bugged me was that his story arcs only ever covered a single series, he never looked past that, and that's completely wrong for Doctor Who, DW needs to be complex, it needs to thought out beyond one series, it needs to go into each other, Moffat is amazing at this, What I absoutely love about what he has done is that he has integrated all his season together, story arcs merge into story arcs, pushing them further along. That is how a Time Travel overall story should flow.

Actually I found that Moffat was more true to original Who than Russell, my biggest worry was his push to try and capture the American Audience, and when he did that he kicked everyone else in the guts, there was a huge outcry from that and he backtracked a fair bit, which was the right thing to do. In my mind he made a terrible mistake and he accepted that and his actions following that series allowed me to continue on. I think the haters need to get over themselves, the horrible things people have been saying lately is just pathetic, overall the quality has improved and I don't understand what the problem is.
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I'm not exactly following the hate train against Moffat, I'm just...tired of him. if it comes to a point where I'm analyzing his plotholes and rushed story arcs more then his good moments, then it's time he left. Series 5 didn't hit any high marks and it didn't give 11 the proper amount of epic moments. The return of the Weeping Angels was brilliant but since Manhattan they're kind of overplayed. And having the Daleks forget about the Doctor was just retarded.
Series 6 was better, but yeah it was pretty much American Who. But I do appreciate Moffat bringing Who more into American than the previous writers did (although they all still act like we're a bunch of idiots. Seriously, in The Last Of the Time Lords, the Doctor restores time to just AFTER the President was assassinated, and doesn't give two shits about bringing him back. Britain). I just want 12 to shine in someone else's light. And I do prefer RTD over Moffat, Moffat is better when he's given occasional episodes...not all of them. RTD had the better emotional stuff, Moffat had the better epic battles.

RTD pulled a really good move changing the DW universe when he revamped it. A Doctor without his fellow Timelords to fall back on really gave so much to be able to write for, and 10 was the best at being emotional about it.
But both of them could have been a bit better at referencing the Classic Who era. I would absolutely love Moffat if he was able to write back in Captain Jack, Jenny, and even Ace for 12.

But I agree, the haters need to get over themselves. Most of them are stupid Nuvians who think that Eccleston was the 1st Doctor. Ugh...
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They both certainly had their strengths and weakness, and I agree about Moffat having better one-off episodes. I think being head writer is extremely difficult, and that restricted that spark he has. And I agree with RTD's interactions, he was great at that. His humour was pretty awesome, but I often found his stories weak (logically wise, he didn't know how to approach/end them without resorting to dodgy things like the mas Dalek, etc.) --- I was hoping for some more interconnectedness with the last few doctors too. At first I hated Jack, but I came to think of him as AWESOME, and I don't see why he couldn't have come back, he lives for at least 5 billion years for Gods sake!

As for the American focus, as an Australian that really made me angry, all that focus. It made many other nations angry. Moffat always said it wasn't to do with ratings and money, but that is crap (and one of my frustrations towards him) --- It was ok for us to have a Doctor that only really focused on Britain, for it is a British show, but that focus then encompassing America is just a kick in the guts for the rest of us. As an Australian I think we deserve that attention far more than you guys do: Many of the initial concepts and storylines were written by Aussies, actually if it wasn't for us the DW you see today would be very different. New Zealand and Canada deserve more too. --- My country even offered to pay for an episode! Actually my country has funded a few episodes in the past! --- to us every American episode, that ignores another country is an insult.

As for the Weeping Angles, I didn't really like their return. the New York one would've been great if it wasn't for the Statue of Liberty (WTF?) --- the one before that annoyed me when you saw one move. They should've just stuck with Blink.
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profits, lol. I meant prophets ... curse my crappy spelling and tendacies to mix words up.
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And he did the write thing in taking away the RTD era of everyone knowing aliens existed. They should NEVER have gone down that path. The true magic of Doctor Who is that he is in the background, and that a little kid watching it can believe that he is actually out there somewhere. RTD took that away.
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An amazing tribute to an amazine episode!
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Why would you just rip my heart out with this picture?

It's okay though, it's beautiful, you're amazing!
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