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good ole dA, always there when i need resources for designs :)

Hello all. Social media has drawn me completely away from dA and from Drawing for the love of it.
I intend to rectify that in 2014. Actually im working on making that change now so it isn't such a shock to my system.

I hope to get back to drawing once or twice a week and by years end, drawing EVERY DAY like i used to. my skills have suffered for it. I have to learn how to do SO MUCH all over again. (somehow along the way i forgot how to draw the male figure properly)

Oh well, hope everyone is doing well, I do miss you guys, my peers, my friends.
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because Simba and Nala would TOTALLY be white.

oh  its a japanese girl who drew them? That explains it.

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A new year.
A new life...with my new wife :)

I'm trying not to forsake DA, its been and still is such a wonderful community and resource for me. But keeping up with its changes is cumbersome and being 10K+ down in deviations O_O;

anyway, I will hopefully decide what I will be doing in the near future.

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i come in here from time to time to let you know Im alive and that i'm attempting to draw something...

but i never get past the Pen to paper phase.

yeah i know...

but life has been kinda not nice to me lately. I need to find what I lost in my love for art.
I used to LOVE drawing, now I have to force myself to do it.

I need more, i need to be different. I need to expand.

i need money too...

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I really really REALLY WANT to draw, but i just don't have the motivation :(

I want to try something different, but i don't know what.

Taking a break from FB and Twitter...i've got a LOT going on that isn't working out the best way, but hey, I'm alive and safe for now.


Be back later.

ps: Carla, Keisha, Nadine,  daddy is still right here and on tumblr or G+, so if you need to talk to me i'm here. :)
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I'm alive,

I'm happy,

I'm engaged!!!


i'll post pics later.
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I have been neglecting dA and i feel like such a heel for it.

let me see where...


I have enrolled in web development classes at the local college.
I am moving to Chicago.
I am happily in love.

I haven't drawn anything in a while, so bear with me, i need some motivation and i hope to have it soon.

Love you guys.
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I am on the horizon of a new chapter in my life.
One that will bring about a whole new everything.
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warning for foul language, but LOLOLOLOLOL…
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so i got my deviants down to 3,551.


Anyway hello all, I am alive, trying ot get back into the swing of drawing, its just so hard to after youve fought depression and all kinda things which SHOULD drive me to draw but made me more recluse.

well I'm okay and I'm better. and life is GETTING better for me.

I have challenged myself to one drawing/sketch a week. if I can keep this up consistently, then I can do two a week, and eventually work back to one sketch a day like I used to do.

I recently went on a trip to Washington DC and i will try to upload those pics soon!

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8849 deviations?!?!?!

I no longer have internet at home which means i gotta get on when i can. the library by my apartment has deviantart blocked but the library by my job does not and has a faster connection.

I will try to make the most of what i can.

I'm alive, trying to get MOTIVATED to draw. I have all kinds of inspiration but actually getting motivated to do it is another story!
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guess what.

that mess i was distraught about? I'm OVER IT...sorta.

um... 5678 deviations O_o;

but I will be back soon and DRAWING!!!

I don't have net at home right now (by choice) so im trying to find a mobile card service so i can get on anywhere.

I WILL return...

I love you Keisha, Carla, and Regg *punches regg in the face*
i was trying to be optimistic in my last entry.

i am broken beyond belief. I am going through so much right now and i have no one.
Sure there are people to talk to but i have been alone for so long here and i'm tired of it.

i wont be drawing anything for a while.
I'm probably gonna just leave dA because i just don't feel it anymore. I don't feel anything but pain, and I'm tired of that.
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I am making new beginnings in my life. I am focusing on my abilities and my children.
I am focusing on making my life better by rebuilding my broken self-esteem, and my talents.

time to start drawing again.
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well in a way i'm doing commissions.
My latest work is a sample of what I have been doing lately.

I need your help though.

I currently charge 50.00 for these toons but I'm starting to wonder is that too much for me to charge?

I've seen commissions and the like for considerably less. So should I lower my prices to 35.00 or lower?
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God has sent me an angel, to love me with no questions asked.…

this is Nanako everyone.

Yes I am in love, when i thought it wouldn't happen again and I gave up on life and love.
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i don't draw much anymore.

to be honest, i don't really give a shit. Life has kicked my ass to a level i have never imagined. But oh well, it happens.

I have been doing a LOT of graphic design, and that is what has been keeping my lights on. I think I lost my will to draw, and draw better and draw more, and I am fine with that right now. When the rest of my shit gets together then maybe I'll pick up a pen and draw again but for now, life goes on.

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i don't celebrate holidays. and i don't like xmas much most of all.

another year i sit alone, and well. do nothing.

you know what sucks? everyone around me i know is just fine.

My car broke down, I may not have a job by the summer, my so called friends are no where to be seen, and my money is pretty much gone.

But I watched an awesome DVD today!

Resident Evil(biohazard): Degeneration

i LOVED IT. In all honesty this movie is what the RE movies that garbage broad Milla jojavwhatever her face starred in should have been.
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that is all.
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Because that's the ONLY way that i can laugh any harder at this...…